How To Return Desire To Your Husband

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How To Return Desire To Your Husband
How To Return Desire To Your Husband

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Family life is not only joyful moments, but also many problems. One of them is the lack of sexual attraction to a partner, and women suffer from this more often. It is necessary to correct the situation as soon as possible, because the return of desire to the husband can be the key to saving the marriage.

How to return desire to your husband
How to return desire to your husband


Step 1

Understand the relationship. Disappearance of desire can occur due to constant problems in the marriage. Quarrels, misunderstandings, screams and broken dishes - all this certainly does not set you in a romantic mood. Discuss your marriage with your husband and try to solve all that has boiled over the years together. And after that, the relationship in bed will improve by itself.

Step 2

Give yourself a break from household chores. Desire goes away when it is not heated. If you are constantly busy at work, after which you pick up the children from school and rush to cook dinner, there can be no question of any intimacy. Share responsibilities with your husband, ask the children to help you more, feel like not only a mother and mistress in the house, but also a woman. At least once a week, arrange a "lazy day": do not do household chores, take time for yourself, taking care of your body. Such respite will help you realize that you are not a slave in your own home. This will lead to the resumption of intimate relationships, because you are aware of your femininity.

Step 3

Bring romance back to the relationship. Domestic problems destroy it over time, and in no case should you succumb to. Continue going with your husband to restaurants, and not with friends, but only together. Arrange warm evenings at home by arranging candles and opening a bottle of wine. In general, do not fall for the notorious "everyday life".

Step 4

Change. You can regain attraction by feeling desired, and for this you have to change a few things. For example, sign up to a good stylist and ask him to do something unexpected with you, to highlight your merits. Do not be afraid of change, they are not easy to get used to, but they are always beneficial.

Step 5

Try role-playing games. Marriages that have lasted for decades are losing the intimate component also because partners lose the desire to bring something new to sex. Change this. Visit a sex shop, fulfill your old fantasy (or your husband's). It is important to tune in the right mood and take such a game for granted, and not some kind of going beyond what is permitted.

Step 6

Imagine. If your husband has ceased to be an object of desire, you will have to use the tactics of active fantasy during foreplay. Imagine, for example, another man in the place of your husband, or create a vivid image of a different location. Everything is in your hands, the main thing is not to despair.

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