How To Make A Man Go Crazy

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How To Make A Man Go Crazy
How To Make A Man Go Crazy

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Every man has his own tastes and passions in matters related to sex. But there are fairly common techniques that work with most of the stronger sex. How to make a man go crazy?

How to make a man go crazy
How to make a man go crazy


Step 1

Consider the popular belief that a man loves with his eyes. It's true. And it all starts with women's legs. Put on a skirt instead of trousers, thin graceful stockings and a stiletto heel - it will amaze your chosen one to the very heart.

Step 2

Pay attention to the "top" - a silk blouse with an unbuttoned top button - that's it. You should not wear any deaf sweaters or shapeless blouses.

Step 3

Do light makeup, an uncomplicated natural hairstyle - so that your hair stays soft, and does not give the impression of a metal frame held together by tons of varnish.

Step 4

Add some embellishments, such as a light, thin chain, to accentuate the gracefulness of your neck. A small, elegant bracelet on an open wrist will make a man's heart beat faster than usual.

Step 5

Use perfume with pheramones instead of ordinary perfumery products. In their aroma, they are no different from ordinary ones, but they contain volatile substances that contribute to the excitement of the opposite sex.

Step 6

Look a little higher than the bridge of his nose during a conversation, sometimes into his eyes. Your tone of voice should be soft and slightly low - this turns men on. Do not forget about a seductive smile, but do not overdo it - everything should be in moderation.

Step 7

Pay attention to your gait and posture - they should be correct, feminine and light.

Step 8

Create situations for rapprochement. For example, you have lost something (an earring has rolled up somewhere, and you are looking for it together).

Step 9

Perform an erotic dance in front of your loved one or give a gentle, loving massage with aromatic oils. Light the candles, put on some nice underwear.

Step 10

Watch an erotic movie together - men are very excited. Do not be afraid to experiment in bed (sex games, toys, photo sessions, etc.), monotony and boredom are the enemies of love.

Step 11

Don't forget about the male erogenous zones when it comes to sexual intercourse. Many men really like it when a woman pulls their hair, strokes the back of their heads during passionate kisses. Do not forget about the neck, earlobes, back, inner thighs, buttocks - these are sensitive areas of the male body. And, of course, about the male genitals - caressing them, you will not leave indifferent any man.

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