How To Surprise A Guy

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How To Surprise A Guy
How To Surprise A Guy

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Love, care, tenderness are wonderful feelings. And when a woman truly loves, she strives to express this feeling to the fullest. And what could be better than a surprise for your beloved guy?

Be original when you come up with a surprise for your boyfriend
Be original when you come up with a surprise for your boyfriend


Step 1

Think first, what at the moment can give your loved one the maximum pleasure? Let it be even your sudden appearance at work of a loved one with the aim of taking him to lunch in some romantic place. This event will surely give your boyfriend a lot of positive feelings, not to mention his pride in his colleagues.

Step 2

If you sit at home together, it becomes much easier to surprise your loved one. Cook him his favorite dish, surprise him with a sensual striptease or a passionate night in bed with amazing foreplay. And if a muse visits you, write a poem to your soul mate and toss it in an envelope in a mailbox. Send the guy to check his mail - he will be very pleasantly surprised.

Step 3

If you bought your boyfriend a gift and want to present it in an original way, try one of the following tips.

Step 4

If the gift is small, attach it in some way on your body, and put on a loose robe on top. Wait for the right time and unbutton your robe, presenting your gift. And for dessert, present yourself to the guy. It will be a memorable surprise for a long time.

Step 5

The second topic is not new, but it still has a place to be. Place clue messages throughout the apartment. These tips should ultimately lead the guy to the gift. And for variety and romance, provide some of the messages with sensual verses or declarations of love.

Step 6

And the third way can discourage (in a good way) any man. Get a large box, such as from a refrigerator or washing machine. Cover the outside of the box with beautiful paper, if you wish, stick your most romantic joint photos on it. Tie a ribbon, write a note, attach it to the box in a conspicuous place and hide inside along with the gift. For greater effect, you can get a few helium balloons or a cracker. When your loved one comes home, sees the box and tries to open it, there will be no limit to his surprise and joy. Imagine, you throw this box off yourself, immediately release balloons or confetti from the firecracker and give the guy a gift with tender words, a kiss and a hug. This is not forgotten for a long time.

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