How To Attract A Guy On The Street

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How To Attract A Guy On The Street
How To Attract A Guy On The Street

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Modern society no longer condemns women's initiative, and many guys even welcome it. Here are just sanctimoniously demanding her disguise: they say, the guy should think that he was "at the head of the locomotive." Well, going against the majority, as a rule, is more expensive for yourself, which means, deciding to get to know a guy, you need to be sophisticated and resort to some tricks. For example, to attract a guy on the street, you need to get into his field of vision, interest and leave the right to be the "main character" in the scene of your acquaintance.

How to attract a guy on the street
How to attract a guy on the street


Step 1

The first weapon you can use to attract a guy on the street is the look. Seeing a handsome young man, look at him invitingly or defiantly, be sure to sincerely smile at the same time. Do not look at close range for a long time, avert your eyes as soon as you come close to each other, and then, just like with a smile, look back and, if the guy also turns around, look into his eyes. The disadvantage of this method is that the guy may not be in the mood for acquaintance, rush somewhere, or just be embarrassed. But the likelihood that he will speak to you is high. This means that you can get to know a guy by starting a conversation or exchanging phone numbers.

Step 2

If usually rainy weather is not the most pleasant circumstance, then it is quite suitable for acquaintance. Having chosen a nice stranger, ask him under an umbrella. The guy is unlikely to refuse.

Step 3

The advice to ask for directions in order to meet a guy on the street sounds rather corny. But you can use a little trick. While in a place that you know well, look out for a stranger moving in a direction known to you, go up to him and ask him how to get there. Add to this complete confusion, and if the guy likes your smile, scared angelic gaze and flapping of eyelashes, seasoned with cute babble, then he may offer to see you off.

Step 4

Another textbook way of getting to know each other, loved by directors of romantic melodramas and other "film masterpieces", is an "accidental" collision. To meet a guy on the street, organize this incident, preferably not in the most crowded place. At the same time, the girl is supposed to show herself as an absent-minded or extremely busy person. Do not forget to take some folders with a bunch of papers or a bag with small items with you "for acquaintance". It is important that the folder opens easily and the bag unfolds. When collecting items with a stranger, express outrage or grief, as appropriate.

Step 5

If you have the courage, come up with a legend, for example, about an ex-boyfriend who (that's nasty!) Made himself a girlfriend and now walks with her in front of your indignant gaze, grab the young man you like by the arm and just tell him to smile. The dumbfounded guy is likely to comply. Then he will demand an explanation, and you will give him your legend. Just keep in mind that he will immediately have a question about your "not indifferent" behavior in relation to the "former". Therefore, you can optimize the legend for yourself. The main thing in such acquaintances is the element of surprise and the creation of a situation of interaction. It is quite easy to attract a guy on the street in this way, but, at the same time, you need to be prepared for the unexpected yourself.

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