How To Conquer A Libra Man

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How To Conquer A Libra Man
How To Conquer A Libra Man

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Having fallen in love, Libra men make their woman truly happy, surround her with such attention that the rest of the zodiac signs only dream about. They give flowers, present romantic gifts, write poetry. But if you want to conquer such a man, it is not enough to be “the poet's dream - beautiful, slender and romantic. You need to work hard, because Libra men expect from their lady hearts the same love and attention that they themselves are able to give her. In addition, such a man has a number of "features that must not be forgotten when winning his love."

How to conquer a Libra man
How to conquer a Libra man


Step 1

First, keep in mind that you are dealing with a creative person who does not tolerate imposed rules and restrictions. You need to be patient and treat his “cute oddities, for example, frivolity and lateness, with understanding. But you will have to remember everything in the world and congratulate him on all the holidays and joyful events. Also, communicating with creative Libra, you will have to be interested in poetry and music and painting.

Step 2

Secondly, remember that often you will have to take the initiative in your own hands. Do not hope that the Libra man will make decisions without hesitation. It's not in their nature. They need to think it over properly, even if the decision is really obvious.

Step 3

Thirdly, you will have to create at least the appearance that you agree with him. Learn a few phrases, such as “Yes, yes, dear, I certainly agree, otherwise you will not avoid a sharp change in his mood. Do not point out his weaknesses, in no case do not say that he looks somehow wrong - despite the inconstancy of his character, he will think about it all day, or even longer.

Step 4

Of course, it's not bad if you know how to cook deliciously, but do not overdo it with an abundance of dishes on the table. The Libra man loves to eat so much that, having filled his stomach, he will forget about why he came to your house and, instead of kissing, will shake your hand. Finally, next to a Libra man, you need to constantly be different: yesterday - in a dress to the floor, today - in a tracksuit, and tomorrow - in a mini. They hate conservatism, but you should always be elegant, handsome and tactful. Such are the whims.

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