What To Do If A Child Falls Through The Ice

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What To Do If A Child Falls Through The Ice
What To Do If A Child Falls Through The Ice

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Winter is a great time of the year, everywhere frost and snow sparkle in the cold. Parents and children love walks and winter games together. But not always winter fun can end well. Often, a completely unforeseen situation can occur, where the child is under the ice. It doesn't matter if it's a child or someone else's, you need to act quickly and without panic.



Step 1

The first thing you should do is act as quickly and calmly as possible. Your panic can be passed on to your child, making it much more difficult to help him. You must shout to notify him that you are near and go to his aid.

Step 2

If there are other people around you, call them for help. Ask to call the Ministry of Emergency Situations and an ambulance. Use numbers 101 and 112. If there is no one around, call for help yourself while you get to the child.

Step 3

Try to find a long stick or scarf quickly. Get as close as possible to the hole with your child, crawl on your bellies. Throw one end of the scarf or stick to him and slowly pull out the other end. Remember that sudden movements are dangerous, the ice may not hold up.

Step 4

If you yourself had to plunge into the water to get the child out, try to take off your shoes and as many clothes as possible, wet clothes will pull you and the child down.

Step 5

After the child has been taken out of the water, give him first aid according to the situation. Try to move it to a warm place, it could be a room or a car. Remove wet clothes from the child, wrap it in a warm blanket or blanket, give it a warm drink. If the ambulance and the Ministry of Emergency Situations get to you for a long time, use the maximum available means according to the situation.

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