How To Breed Smecta For A Child

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How To Breed Smecta For A Child
How To Breed Smecta For A Child

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Smecta is one of the absolutely harmless medicines for children. It normalizes the intestinal flora, cleanses and heals it. It is usually given to children with diarrhea, vomiting, and various poisoning. The action of Smecta occurs exclusively in the intestines, it is not absorbed by the blood, therefore it is safe even for babies. Unlike many other drugs, Smecta removes from the child's body only toxins, toxins and viruses, without touching beneficial microbes.

Smecta normalizes the intestinal flora of the child
Smecta normalizes the intestinal flora of the child


Step 1

As a rule, Smecta is available in the form of a grayish or yellowish powder, in sachets of 3 grams. You can buy this drug, which normalizes the intestinal flora of a child, at any pharmacy.

Step 2

For babies who are not yet 1 year old, usually one packet of Smecta per day is enough.

Step 3

For children from one to two years, the daily dosage of Smekta can be increased to two sachets.

Step 4

Children over two years old can increase the dose of the medicine to three sachets per day.

Step 5

By the way, in case of acute diarrhea, the dose of Smecta at the very beginning of the course can also be slightly increased.

Step 6

Diluting Smecta for a child is not difficult at all. To do this, you only need the sachet of the drug itself and 50 ml of any baby drink: compote, tea, water.

Step 7

Smecta, thanks to its tastelessness, can be added not only to the child's drink, but also to his food: soup, porridge, mashed potatoes. From this, its effect on the body does not weaken at all.

Step 8

The Smekta's daily rate required for treatment must be divided into several parts, which must be given during the day, at regular intervals.

Step 9

Smecta absorbs not only harmful substances, but also any others, for example, vitamins and other medicines. Therefore, the intervals between taking Smecta and other drugs should be at least two hours.

Step 10

The course of treatment for the child with Smecta should not be less than three days. But it is not recommended to take Smecta for more than a week.

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