How To Suck Snot In Babies

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How To Suck Snot In Babies
How To Suck Snot In Babies

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For an adult, a runny nose is not a serious illness, because the ability to blow your nose allows you to free the airways if necessary. But for an infant who does not know how to get rid of the contents of the nasal passages on their own, nasal congestion turns into a real problem, which can only be dealt with with the help of an adult. That is why devices for sucking mucus in infants are very popular among young parents.

How to suck snot in babies
How to suck snot in babies

It is necessary

  • - syringe without a needle
  • - children's nasal aspirator


Step 1

If you are looking for an inexpensive remedy to help clear mucus from your child's airways, get a regular disposable syringe from your pharmacy. With one hand, insert the tip of the syringe without a needle into one nostril of the child, and with the other, gently pull the retractable plastic part of the device towards you.

Step 2

When the inside of the syringe is full of snot, remove the attachment and rinse it with warm water and soap. Then do the same procedure for the second nostril. Repeat the steps to remove mucus until you are sure that the baby's nasal passages are clean.

Step 3

To make the suction of mucus more convenient, buy a baby nasal aspirator in the form of a syringe. Be sure to rinse it off before using it for the first time.

Step 4

Then squeeze the bulb with two fingers and, without opening them, insert the nose of the device into the nasal passage. While holding the aspirator, slowly release your fingers.

Step 5

Flush the device from mucus and perform the same actions with the child's second nostril. Repeat the procedure until the baby is breathing freely.

Step 6

If you want to pump out accumulated mucus in one go, then get a mechanical aspirator with a long tube. Insert the soft tip of the device into the baby's nasal passage and draw in the air using the tube.

Step 7

When the mucus from the nostril is completely pumped out, remove the tube from the mouth and remove the aspirator from the baby's nose. Repeat the same procedure for the second nasal passage.

Step 8

Remove the used filter from the aspirator and rinse the attachment. Use a damp cloth to remove mucus from the skin around the baby's nose.

Step 9

If you want to rid your child of snot in a few seconds, without wasting extra effort, and the cost of the device does not really matter, then buy an electronic nasal aspirator. Insert the tip of the device into one nostril and press the button.

Step 10

After a few seconds, repeat this action with the baby's second nasal passage. After that, be sure to flush the extracted mucus from the aspirator reservoir.

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