How To Remove Warts From A Child

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How To Remove Warts From A Child
How To Remove Warts From A Child

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Warts can appear at any age, but it is most common in children. Warts are caused by infections and viruses that are transmitted from a sick person through infected objects and toys.

How to remove warts from a child
How to remove warts from a child


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Warts can only be prevented by strict adherence to personal hygiene, including frequent hand washing with soap and water.

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You can remove warts from a child with the help of pharmacy products. In the pharmacy, you can buy an excellent drug for combating warts, which is called "Celandine". It is a concentrated extract that can be used regularly to remove even large plantar warts. The main thing is to apply it strictly according to the instructions. Removing a wart with celandine is a painful and rather lengthy process.

Step 3

To painlessly remove warts from a child, you should consult a doctor, as self-medication or improper treatment of warts can lead to the formation of a malignant tumor.

Step 4

The most effective and commonly used method of treating warts is to remove them. Today, various methods are used to remove warts, which are chosen depending on where the wart is located and on its type. Some methods can cause complications, for example, after laser removal of the wart, scars can remain.

Step 5

Clinics most often carry out painless removal of warts by the following methods: - electrocoagulation - carried out on modern equipment using high frequency current. The current increases the temperature in the tissues, as a result of which the virus dies, and the warts are destroyed; - Cryotherapy is a painless burning of warts with liquid nitrogen. This method is less painful and simple enough. It does not form cicatricial changes in the skin and does not come into contact with blood. Therefore, you can immediately eliminate the threat of virus infection.

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