How To Wean A Child From Writing At Night

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How To Wean A Child From Writing At Night
How To Wean A Child From Writing At Night

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Normally, by the age of three, children should go to the potty independently. But for some children, the habit of writing to bed at night persists for a long time. To wean a child from this habit, you need to understand the reasons for its occurrence and develop a set of measures to eliminate it.

How to wean a child from writing at night
How to wean a child from writing at night


Step 1

The cause of bedwetting can be malformations and diseases of the urinary system - pyelonephritis, cystitis, prolapse of the kidneys, etc. To establish the cause of bedwetting, contact your pediatrician and nephrologist. You will need to get tested.

Step 2

Enuresis may be the only symptom of some neurological diseases. For example, birth trauma, infectious diseases of the mother during pregnancy, or other complications of this period can lead to the development of this pathology. To determine the cause of bedwetting in a child, see a neurologist.

Step 3

If the pathology of the nervous and urinary system is not found, develop the correct drinking regimen for the child. Distribute the amount of fluid consumed throughout the day so that the child drinks the last portion 2 hours before bedtime. Avoid eating juicy fruits and foods that make him thirsty before bed. Before going to bed, be sure to put your baby in a pot.

Step 4

Follow a strict daily routine. Put your baby to bed at the same time. Do not over-excite your baby before bed - play quiet games or read books to him at night. Excess emotions and fatigue disrupt the regulation of the processes of excitation and inhibition in young children, the child may not wake up when the bladder is full and describe himself.

Step 5

It often happens that enuresis in a child may occur against the background of strong emotional experiences. Frequent conflicts in the family, constant reproaches and discontent of parents lead to neurotic disorders in children. To avoid this, observe the rules of communication with each other, based on mutual respect, with your child. Do not raise your voice, do not use offensive expressions in a conversation with each other, and even more so - do not allow rude statements in relation to the baby.

Step 6

If, nevertheless, the child pees in bed at night, do not scold him for it. Ask him to help you remove wet sheets, or to do it yourself. Explain that this is a disease and it will soon pass. Reward him for every night he spends in a dry bed.

Step 7

For some children, the night potting method is suitable. To do this, wake up the child every three hours and put him on the potty. It is very important to wake him up completely if he sits on the pot half asleep, this will only strengthen the habit of writing in bed at night.

Step 8

If your child has no neurological pathology and diseases of the urinary system, and all independent attempts to wean him from bedwetting do not lead to success, contact a child psychotherapist. Your doctor will teach you a set of exercises to help your child feel control over urination.

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