How To Admit To Cheating In

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How To Admit To Cheating In
How To Admit To Cheating In

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Everyone makes mistakes in life. And no one is immune from an accidental connection, which can happen under the influence of a momentary impulse or in a state of drinking. And after the betrayal has occurred and it was decided to admit it, it is important to do it so that the relationship does not end.

How to admit to cheating in 2017
How to admit to cheating in 2017


Step 1

Admitting to cheating is difficult. But to make the task easier, prepare in advance. Pick a moment when your spouse is in good spirits. After a dinner together, after going to the cinema or a restaurant, or on a weekend, for example. Think over everything that you will say: in what form the confession will sound, what words will be uttered at the same time, how the offense can be justified. It will be important that during a difficult and possibly long conversation, no one will be around, and no one will interfere.

Step 2

It would be a big mistake to admit to cheating when your spouse is tired after work, during the holidays. If the partner's temperament is too hot-tempered, the conversation must be conducted with great delicacy, thinking over every word in advance. In no case should you make a confession remotely - by means of a letter, SMS message or the Internet. A beloved or beloved may think God knows what, and then develop this thought and when they meet, already mentally be ready for a divorce. With personal communication, you can always gently direct your train of thought in a more favorable direction.

Step 3

It does not hurt to think about whether it is worth confessing to treason. Men and young couples react painfully to such news and the chance of ending a relationship after recognition is quite high. Mature spouses who have lived together for a long time are unlikely to immediately begin to collect their things, but the sediment in the relationship will still remain for a long time. Maybe even for life. That is why they try their best to keep the fact of treason secret. Consider the worst-case scenario. If it is not possible to prevent it, at least get ready for it.

Step 4

During the confession, be sure to emphasize that the betrayal occurred under the influence of physical desire, momentary weakness, that at that moment there were no feelings for the person with whom they were cheated. Be sure to tell your partner that despite what happened, the love feelings for him did not cool down, but became even stronger. Explain that you still need a spouse, both spiritually and physically. You can emphasize that you consider the family the most expensive of all that is in the world. And you don't want the marriage bond to break up because of what happened.

Step 5

A spouse or spouse can be "prepared" in advance for a difficult conversation. Feed your husband in advance with all your favorite dishes. Wife to buy flowers and champagne, take a walk together or go to the theater. This psychological technique helps very well: after the confession is made and ask for forgiveness, offer in exchange for his forgiveness to do what the spouse or wife has long wanted. Or promise to silently endure his shortcomings, correct many of his shortcomings.

Step 6

In any case, tune in in advance that the conversation will not be easy and long. Perhaps it will be possible to come to a common decision after a few days, or even weeks. Do not rush your spouse or spouse to conclusions, but do not forget to gently "push" him towards the desired result - separation or continuation of the relationship.

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