How To Choose Toys For Children

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How To Choose Toys For Children
How To Choose Toys For Children

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The choice of children's toys should be approached with a certain degree of responsibility. They should not only be suitable for the child in terms of age, gender and other parameters, but also be safe.

How to choose toys for children
How to choose toys for children

Toy selection criteria

A wide range of toys for children is presented in modern stores. In order to choose exactly what is needed in each specific case, you need to know certain rules that will help you navigate in a children's goods store.

When choosing toys, first of all, you need to pay attention to their age. On the labels, you can see markings that indicate the approximate age of children for whom these toys will be of interest. As practice shows, this marking is not entirely accurate. Some products indicate that they are intended for children from 3 years old, although it will be interesting to play with them even for one-year-old kids. Manufacturers prefer to slightly overestimate the lower age limit in order to protect themselves from claims from parents.

To choose a toy by age, it is better to contact a sales consultant who can recommend the most suitable products.

For older children, some toys must be selected based on gender. Boys will love to play with cars, toy equipment, toy soldiers, and girls - with dolls.

Toy safety

The most important characteristic of toys is their safety. Unfortunately, a lot of low-quality goods have appeared on sale recently. These toys can be very dangerous as they can be made of polymer materials that release harmful substances into the atmosphere. Upon contact with them, a child may develop severe allergies. When buying toys, be sure to ask the seller for a certificate of conformity and a hygiene certificate, proving the safety of goods for human health.

When purchasing a toy, you need to make sure that all of its parts are secured firmly. Toddlers should not buy these types of toys that are made up of small parts. Small children can simply swallow these parts.

To buy a high-quality and safe product, it is better to purchase it in large stores. You should also pay attention to the name of the manufacturer, the country in which the toy was produced. Russian-made toys are of sufficient quality and safety. Most non-certified Chinese manufacturers produce poor quality products that can be dangerous.

When choosing the material from which toys are made, preference should be given to wood. Such products are somewhat more expensive, but they are of impeccable quality and environmental friendliness.

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