How Not To Lose A Relationship

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How Not To Lose A Relationship
How Not To Lose A Relationship

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The relationship between a man and a woman goes through several stages. First, it's passion and getting to know each other. Then lapping and adaptation to the partner. Then an even and confidential communication. At each stage, there is a risk of ruining everything if you do not learn how to talk with the other half, understand and avoid sharp corners.

How not to lose a relationship
How not to lose a relationship


Step 1

At the stage of passion and recognition, it is very easy to lose a relationship. Partners do not yet trust each other and are not sure that they have met their own destiny. In this situation, in no case put pressure on your soul mate. Let everything take its course. Give time to think and weigh the pros and cons of your communication. And you will surround your loved one with care and attention. Just do it discreetly so as not to scare him away. Then the partner will see that you can be trusted, and the relationship will develop.

Step 2

You are an established couple. Passions subsided a little, and you began to get to know each other deeper. And here there is a chance to part. Right now, some imperfections and not the most pleasant character traits that you did not notice in a partner before are coming to light. As soon as you see a change, do not be silent. Explain why certain moments are unpleasant for you. Ask your other half to take into account not only their own opinions, but also your feelings. Only with the help of a confidential conversation can you keep the peace in a couple.

Step 3

You have been dating for a very long time and began to live together or even got married. You know your partner well, he opened his soul in front of you. Now the main thing is to keep warm feelings. To do this, try to arrange pleasant surprises for your loved one. Give flowers or cute trinkets not only on holidays, but also on a normal day. You can always think of a reason. For example, "I give you a heart, because five years ago, on that date, I realized that I could not live without you." It doesn't take any effort on your part. But the partner will always be sure that you love him and really need him.

Step 4

Whatever stage your relationship goes through, remember that you should not delay with a serious conversation. As soon as a crack is outlined, immediately discuss the problem. Talk to your loved one without offense or hysterics. You are adults and are able to build a constructive dialogue. And be sure to listen not only to yourself, but also to your soul mate. Then everything will work out.

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