What Phrases Do Men Like

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What Phrases Do Men Like
What Phrases Do Men Like

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Despite the general belief that women love their ears, this statement is also true for men. So that passion does not weaken, and men's self-esteem remains at the level, do not forget to say nice things to your beloved man.

What phrases do men like
What phrases do men like

Do men need compliments?

It's all about perception, women are accustomed to compliments, for them it's just pleasant, meaningless words, while men perceive a compliment as a motivation for action. In addition, the said compliment at the place works as a kind of gingerbread and can contribute to the consolidation of some positive habit.

Compliments are necessary for the stronger sex, like air. But do not overdo it with them, otherwise an over-praised man may begin to look down on others. Well, or he will suspect you, for example, of insincerity. And especially paranoid men can perceive the abundance of compliments as a sign of infidelity. Yes, that's the kind of male logic. A good compliment should be subtle enough.

Basic phrases

"Where did you come from so (beautiful, smart, caring)?"

Ask this question more often. No man can leave a sincere interest in his persona without a response. This means that you can hear a detailed or humorous answer to this question. Men love to talk about themselves, but pride does not allow them to do it without a reason.

"Advise me how to do something right."

This request will demonstrate to the man that you consider him competent in any matter. This will make even the most humble man feel a sense of pride. And when you ask for advice, you can further explain why you turned to him. Do not forget to mention the complexity of the case, as well as the man's great experience in solving problems. Just do not seek advice about outright nonsense, it can be perceived as unnecessary coquetry, and a man may be offended.

"You have such a beautiful jumper (tie, car, case)!"

Admire what is dear to your man. Admiration for things will allow you to make a couple of compliments along the way, praise a man's taste or admire his sense of proportion. Just don't do it too often, as it can make a string of compliments sound fake.

But never compare your man to your ex. This can lead to serious problems.

"You are ideal!"

Compare your man with those who are dear to you. Almost any man will melt away from a positive comparison with your father, especially if you emphasize which particular virtues are inherent in both your father and a man. Don't skimp on double-bottomed compliments.

If you explain to a man reasonably why you love flowers or white chocolate, it is highly likely that he will give you flowers and candies more than once a year.

Men do not like criticism too much, but if you clothe it in the form of a compliment, sweeten the pill, then you can make a lot of progress. Never compliment with a “but”. For example, "you are so great that you washed the dishes, but for some reason forgot about the pot on the stove." Better say, "I washed the pot that was on the stove, but you are so great that you saved me the trouble of washing the rest of the dishes." This rule, by the way, applies not only to compliments to your beloved man. If you formulate thoughts in this way when communicating with the rest of the world, the effect will be stunning.

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