How To Know Who Is Born First

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How To Know Who Is Born First
How To Know Who Is Born First

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The expectant mother wants to know as soon as possible who will be born first: a girl or a boy. Not all methods for determining the sex of an unborn child show the truth. In principle, they are all approximate. You can do a blood test, conduct an ultrasound scan, or use folk signs.

How to know who is born first
How to know who is born first


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Use the safest and most reliable method - ultrasound. But to find out the result, you need to wait almost 2 months. Therefore, this option does not suit many. Ask the gynecologist at the antenatal clinic to give you a referral for this examination. You can use the services of a private clinic. But not all ultrasound specialists have sufficient knowledge of early fetal examination. It happens that the baby's genital organ cannot be discerned, since its specific location in the uterus can make it difficult to see.

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Note that girls are less active in womb than boys. But this can be compared if a woman has once given birth. It is believed that a mother who is expecting a girl loses her beauty and quickly gains weight. Acne and rashes appear on the face. The belly has a vague and rounded shape. Severe toxicosis begins in the first weeks of pregnancy. If you are expecting a boy, then the weight is not gaining more than the norm. You look and feel great. The shape of the abdomen is clear and sharp.

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Get a genetic test. This test checks a pregnant woman's blood for the presence of a Y chromosome. This method determines the male gender with a fairly high degree of accuracy. And the date of ovulation affects who will be born to you. If conception occurred no earlier than 3 days before the upcoming ovulation, then there is a large percentage of the likelihood of a male child being born. This is due to the fact that the mobile "male" seed is less tenacious and after a certain period of time dies.

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Note that the intensity of your sex life can also affect who you give birth to. If a couple has sex very often, then expect a son. When a man abstained from sexual intercourse for a long time, most likely the woman will have a daughter. At least that's what popular rumor thinks.

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