If You See Yourself Asleep In A Dream

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If You See Yourself Asleep In A Dream
If You See Yourself Asleep In A Dream

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Sleep within a dream is quite an interesting phenomenon. Some interpreters call such dreams strange and even mystical. In any case, in order to understand them, you need to look into the dream book.

Sleep in a dream is an interesting and rare phenomenon
Sleep in a dream is an interesting and rare phenomenon

See yourself asleep. Psychoanalytic dream book

The interpreters of this dream book consider this picture as unfavorable. The fact is that to see yourself asleep in a dream is to bring your life closer to death. This is the verdict of this dream book. But you should not take such a forecast literally and, moreover, tune in to a quick death, since this is in no way justified. If the dreamer sees his own sleeping figure, in reality he should awaken in himself some positive personality traits: conscience, faith, sympathy, compassion, etc. He currently misses them very much.

Sleep within a dream. American dream book

Seeing yourself asleep in a dream is an unusual occurrence. The interpreters of this dream book assume that the dreamer travels through the subtle worlds and simply observes from the sidelines his own sleeping body. A somewhat strange interpretation for one of the modern dream books. But there is another interpretation of this picture: the dreamer experiences resistance to the changes taking place in his life.

Italian dream book: see yourself asleep

If a person is asleep and sees himself asleep, he urgently needs to take a break. He needs a respite and a delay in making certain important decisions. It is reported that such a dream is not uncommon. If a person dreams that he went to bed and sees dreams, in reality he longs to distance himself from daily affairs. The symbol of awakening to a new life is a dream in which a person sees himself waking up. If he never wakes up in his own dream, then in reality he is experiencing some memory problems.

Sleep in a dream: general interpretation

If a woman dreams that she is sleeping next to some man, in reality she will face completely different unpleasant situations associated with intrigue and gossip. Seeing yourself sleeping on the road in a dream means failure in certain important matters. Sleeping in a dream not at home - to quarrels with loved ones or with friends. To dream of yourself sleeping on the street is to waste and business trips that will not bring any benefit.

Some interpreters believe that seeing yourself asleep in a dream means an impending protracted illness. Its result can be any complications or even disability. A dream in a dream is an unkind sign. This is what the interpreters of the small dream book of Veles think. They believe that a dreamer in reality can become obsessed with something. Moreover, sleeping soundly in a dream means impending problems on the intimate front. However, if the dreamer watches how he sleeps carefree and comfortably on the soft and green grass, he will be in joy, in peace and harmony!

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