What Does It Mean If You Are Beaten In A Dream

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What Does It Mean If You Are Beaten In A Dream
What Does It Mean If You Are Beaten In A Dream

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Psychologists say that there is nothing surprising and mystical in dreams associated with a fight. Especially if the dreamer himself is beaten in them. They explain this by the fact that the body, freed from the hustle and bustle of the day, is the most sensitive to brain signals. From here all sorts of pictures appear that turn into a dream.

In a dream, as in reality, there is nothing to beat
In a dream, as in reality, there is nothing to beat


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Many people have nightmares associated with scandals, fights, and even murders. Such dreams seriously disturb and disturb some of them. Experts who study the nature of dreams have come to the conclusion that their content directly depends on a person's health, on the nature of his emotions, on certain desires and memories. Nevertheless, one should not tightly write off from all accounts the predictive nature of what he saw. Dream books will tell about him.

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Some interpreters of dreams recommend remembering after what he saw who fought with whom. The fact is that both the dreamer himself and an outsider can be beaten in a dream, i.e. the dreamer can act both in the role of the beaten and in the role of an outside observer. For example, Miller claims that watching a scuffle from the sidelines in a dream is a prophecy: soon the dreamer will witness some kind of conflict, catastrophe, etc.

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According to Juno's dream book, being beaten in a dream speaks of dissatisfaction with certain real circumstances. For example, in the life of a dreamer, there is a person whom he hates and considers the culprit for all his failures (for example, his neighbor). Apparently, the dreamer does not have the ability to cope with him in reality, therefore, he unconsciously experiences his suffering in a dream. If you dream of being beaten by a familiar person, in real life you need to be careful in dealing with him, because he is a hypocrite. He can betray the dreamer at any convenient moment.

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An interesting interpretation of this dream is given by Longo's dream book. If the dreamer was beaten, but the scuffle ended with his victory, in reality you should take a vacation, calm your nerves, and rest in a sanatorium. The fact is that the nervous system of the owner of the dream is pretty depleted, his morale is in deep decline, and his soul asks for calm and pacification. Perhaps the dreamer leads an aggressive lifestyle, which is recommended to be changed to a democratic one.

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Some interpreters endow such dreams with a medical meaning. For example, if a fight in a dream is accompanied not by a feeling of fear and humiliation, but by pain, what he sees warns of the tainted spiritual state of the dreamer. This is exactly what the lunar dream book says. Perhaps some kind of moral and spiritual failure has arisen in the body of the owner of the dream. It is recommended to make an appointment with a therapist by visiting a cardiologist and a psychotherapist. If during the beating the dreamer's arms or legs are broken, we are already talking about physical health. Joint problems are coming.

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