What Does It Mean If A Girl Is Afraid To Look A Guy In The Eye

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What Does It Mean If A Girl Is Afraid To Look A Guy In The Eye
What Does It Mean If A Girl Is Afraid To Look A Guy In The Eye

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Girls are sometimes so mysterious that their behavior is completely impossible to explain. For example, it is not immediately possible to guess why the girl does not look into her eyes, but constantly hides them from you.

What does it mean if a girl is afraid to look a guy in the eye
What does it mean if a girl is afraid to look a guy in the eye

The mirror of one's heart

It has long been argued that by the eyes you can read everything that happens in a person's soul: his feelings, dishonesty, or, conversely, sincerity. Therefore, a direct look in the eyes always means, first of all, the openness of a person. And only those who have nothing to hide, fear or be ashamed of anything can be open.

Thus, when a girl does not look into her eyes, she is most likely experiencing one of these feelings. It is worth noting that the concepts of fear, shame and secrecy are not identical here. To find out the cause of the problem, try to analyze the girl's behavior. Indeed, depending on the reason, you need to choose the tactics of your actions that can prevent reticence.

Personal experiences

First, remember that your girlfriend is a full-fledged person and she has a personal life. In this personal life, a lot of events can occur that you do not even know about. Therefore, if they look away from your eyes, you should not immediately look for problems in yourself or imagine yourself as a victim of treason.

If your relationship has not yet reached the necessary level of trust, then the girl may be proud enough to reveal her emotional experiences and events in her personal life. Therefore, such a moment can just contribute to strengthening the thread of trust. Try asking your partner about what happened to her by asking indirect, non-intrusive questions so as not to scare you off.

Look in my eyes

This phrase is often used when one person is trying to find out if the other person is telling the truth. If a girl assures that everything is in order, then you should pay attention to other circumstances. Perhaps you are really being deceived. It is very difficult to tell a person a lie and at the same time look directly into his eyes. Psychologists note that this irresistible instinct comes from childhood: babies always cover their faces with their hands when they tell a lie.

If your suspicions find more and more confirmation, then it is worth talking to the girl, asking her direct questions. With hints, you are unlikely to find out something in such a situation, and an open question will dot all the “i's”, since there will be no way for her to retreat.

What is the girl afraid of?

Did your relationship start recently? Then it should come as no surprise that your partner avoids direct stares.

Girls are often ashamed of their new gentlemen and intimacy with them. Therefore, any hint of this very closeness gives an inexplicable result. Remember that long eye contact in romantic movie scenes usually ends with a kiss. Maybe your girlfriend is afraid of this outcome, especially if she is an introvert and you have not kissed yet. It would be a mistake to correct this situation by direct conversations. Excessive words can take away the charm and romance from the beginning of a relationship. However, try to build trust with your actions, which will help the girl to open up.

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