How To Turn A Girl On Before Sex

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How To Turn A Girl On Before Sex
How To Turn A Girl On Before Sex

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In sex, it is important not only to have fun, but also to give it to your partner. You need to know how to excite a girl in front of intimacy, because then you will get even more pleasure.

How to turn a girl on before sex
How to turn a girl on before sex


Step 1

Move on to sex smoothly. It is preferable to preliminary joint use of alcohol, even if it is weak. In reasonable doses, this helps the girl to be liberated and more likely to get maximum pleasure from sexual contact.

Step 2

Start your foreplay with kissing. In the sequence lip-neck-earlobe. You can move either with pinpoint kisses, or simply draw in this direction with your tongue. These zones in girls are most sensitive to kisses, which will help you prepare her for further caresses sooner. These caresses should take no more than 5 minutes. Otherwise, your lady may get bored with such a long wait to continue.

Step 3

After that, move on to undressing. Whenever possible, try to remove your clothing consistently. After taking off what was on her above the waist, do not rush to take off the rest. Continue to caress the girl through the clothes, stroke, and at the same time kiss her on the chest, stomach, play with the nipples.

Step 4

Every woman has her own erogenous zones. Someone is easily aroused by the slightest touch of the thighs, someone is instantly turned on by kisses of the nipples or neck. At the same time, each of them has a number of erogenous zones, "tied" to certain parts of the body. Every man should know about them so that your sexual intercourse will bring maximum pleasure not only to you, but also to your girlfriend. By influencing them in a certain way, you can quickly tune your companion to the desired mood.

Step 5

The thighs (their inner sides) are one of the most sensitive erogenous zones for any woman. Slowly stroking these places and caressing them with light touches of your fingers, you will bring the girl into a state of strong sexual arousal.

Step 6

Lips. A passionate and correct kiss will make you desirable for any woman. There are girls for whom a passionate and correct kiss is even more preferable than sex itself.

Step 7

Chest. Not every girl is turned on by the caresses of her breasts. But for a skilled man who does everything gently and correctly, this is not a problem. His skill and desire to please the lady will not leave indifferent any of them. Hand caresses, light nibbling of the breast or imitation of such, as well as gentle touches will greatly help the correct mood and anticipation of intercourse.

Step 8

Neck kisses on the neck excite almost any woman. Especially when you kiss her from behind.

Step 9

There are also buttocks, clitoris and the so-called "G-spot", which should not be forgotten during foreplay. Massage, press and caress your partner's body and listen to her feedback. Try to find an individual approach to each girl, trying different options and observing her reaction.

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