How To Make A Girl Get Pregnant

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How To Make A Girl Get Pregnant
How To Make A Girl Get Pregnant

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In a serious relationship of people in love, there comes a moment when they think about the child. But if the bearing of the baby lies entirely with the woman, then the man can influence the speed of conception. By adhering to simple rules, a guy can make a girl get pregnant faster.

How to make a girl get pregnant
How to make a girl get pregnant


Step 1

Eat right. First you need to give up alcohol and cigarettes. More meat and nuts should be added to the diet. Eat more foods with vitamin E and don't forget about succinic acid. Such a diet will allow you to be more energetic, which will help the sperm to be faster and more efficient.

Step 2

Take breaks from sex. There is no need to try to conceive a child 24 hours a day, because only the first time is effective. After that, the sperm do not have time to "mature", and there will be no result. Therefore, try again after waiting 3 days. And only the first "volley" will be effective, in the second portion the concentration of sperm is halved.

Step 3

Leave the woman immediately after ejaculation. This way you will not smear the semen and prevent the sperm from reaching the target.

Step 4

Try not to bring the woman to orgasm. During this peak, the woman's cervix rises, which prevents sperm from entering her. If the cervix is ​​left in place, sperm can easily enter and conception occurs.

Step 5

Before intercourse, women are advised to drench themselves with a soda solution. Sometimes you may not even be aware of the inflammation in the body, which creates an unfavorable environment for sperm cells. Soda will help restore normal microflora, and even if there are no problems, a weak soda solution will not harm.

Step 6

Choose the right posture for conception. It is best to use the classic lying position. If you try to conceive while standing, sperm will spill back and your chances of getting pregnant are greatly reduced. Therefore, it is better to give up experimentation at this time and use the missionary position. But if a woman has a uterine bend, then it is recommended to use the pose "from behind".

Step 7

After ejaculation, the woman should remain in the same position - lying on her back or stomach. You can not just lie, but press your knees to your chest - this way you can increase the chances of conception. But if the cervix is ​​not located in a standard way, but is turned to the side, it is better to ask the doctor which side to lie on.

Step 8

After the act, you need to relax and not torment yourself with thoughts of "got pregnant or not." A woman should be in a good mood, without stress and nerves. If you do not follow this advice, the contractile activity of the fallopian tubes may be disrupted, and the sperm will not be able to reach its destination. So don't be nervous and don't rush things.

Step 9

Choose your time wisely. Experts believe that the best period for conception is autumn and spring. In the mornings, when the woman is rested and full of energy, the best time to try to get pregnant. It is important that the woman ovulates. You can calculate it yourself or buy an ovulation test at the pharmacy.

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