How To Find Out From Whom A Child Is Conceived

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How To Find Out From Whom A Child Is Conceived
How To Find Out From Whom A Child Is Conceived

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Researchers have long published information that not every father brings up his own child in his family. And he doesn't even know about it. Also, situations often arise when a man wants to find out whether he is a father, in order to know he should pay child support or not.

How to find out from whom a child is conceived
How to find out from whom a child is conceived


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Of course, the most accurate way to find out from whom a child was conceived is DNA examination. It can be carried out, both by the doubting father of the child, to find out whether this is his child, or by the alleged father, whom the mother of the baby will point to. If a situation arose that it is necessary to determine which of the two men is the biological father of the child, then only DNA analysis will help. He will answer with an accuracy of 99.9%. 0.1% is always left to margin of error.

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Alternatively, you can try to determine from whom the child was conceived by the blood type of his and the alleged father. To do this, you need to use special tables for comparing blood groups and check. However, this method is not one of the reliable ones, because the mother's blood also affects the child's blood group. In addition, this method works well if the child has a rare group, but she could not get this from the compatibility of his official parents. And then such a result is best confirmed by data from more accurate analyzes.

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Alternatively, it is possible to determine from whom this child was born in the event that genetic diseases are manifested that were not noted in the families of the mother and father. There are a number of such diseases that are passed from father to child. By them, you can try to figure out who the real father is.

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You can also try to determine from whom the baby was born by indirect signs. For example, by who he looks like. As a rule, children at birth are just a molded copy of their father. They say that nature has specially provided for it to eliminate doubts from the father that he is the father. But this method has two main disadvantages. First, people tend to exaggerate the similarities between parents and children and are able to look for similar features where they are not. Secondly, in some cases, children are born like a mother like two peas in a pod.

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There is another way, how to try to calculate a potential father - by the mother's menstrual cycle. But for this you need to know very clearly at what point a woman ovulated, on which days of the cycle she had sexual intercourse with different men and the speed of sperm movement. According to popular beliefs, if the mother had contacts with men at about the same time, you can try to determine the father from them by the sex of the child. Since sperm with boy chromosomes are faster, but less tenacious, then if you have a son, then his father is the second man with whom the mother spent the night. However, this method is very unreliable. And it, like everyone else, it is better to double-check the official delivery of tests.

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