Is It Possible To Calculate The Time For Conceiving A Boy

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Is It Possible To Calculate The Time For Conceiving A Boy
Is It Possible To Calculate The Time For Conceiving A Boy

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All expectant mothers can be divided into three categories - women who want a daughter, a son and those for whom the gender of the child does not matter. There are several ways to determine in advance the most favorable time for conceiving boys and girls. In order for an heir to appear in your family, you need to pay attention to certain dates.

How to conceive a son
How to conceive a son

The moon will help conceive a boy

Astrologers identify certain periods of the lunar cycle that are most favorable for the conception of a boy. It is believed that the ideal signs in this case are Libra, Leo, Aries, Gemini, Sagittarius and Aquarius.

You can calculate the time for conceiving a son according to the lunar calendar as follows. If a woman's zodiac sign is Virgo, Cancer, Taurus, Pisces, Capricorn or Scorpio, then nine months after the planned conception, the Moon should be in male signs - Aquarius, Gemini, Sagittarius, Aries, Libra or Leo. If a woman is a male zodiac sign, then proximity must be planned so that the child is born in the female phase of the moon.

The sex of the unborn child depends to a greater extent on some characteristics of the man's organism, and not the woman's. The gender of the baby depends on which type of sperm is "faster".

Conclusions of medical specialists about the time of conception of boys

Pregnancy and the process of conception have been studied by physicians for many decades. It is believed that the most favorable period for the conception of an heir is the period of ovulation. At this time, the fertilization of the egg with sperm with the Y chromosome is much more likely.

The ovulation period can be calculated using a special calendar. Previously, you will have to track the dates of the beginning and end of menstruation for several months. It is better to combine such observations with daily basal temperature measurements. During ovulation, it significantly exceeds normal rates.

Please note that no method of planning the sex of the unborn child can give a 100% guarantee of the desired result.

You can also determine ovulation using special tests that are sold in almost every pharmacy. It is very easy to use them, but most importantly, they provide the most accurate data.

Blood renewal

Scientists associate the result of conceiving a child of a certain sex with the degree of renewal of the parents' blood. For women, this process occurs once every four years, and for men, once every three years. It is very simple to calculate whose blood is younger. Divide the age of the child's supposed father by 3 and the age of the mother by 4. Compare the resulting numbers. If a man's figure is less than that of a woman, then, most likely, an heir will appear in this family.

Diet for conceiving a boy

Some nutritionists recommend eating certain foods before pregnancy in order to influence the sex of the unborn baby in advance. For conceiving a boy, more spicy, sour, salty and fatty foods are recommended. Meat should be regularly included in the diet, and all meals consumed should be nutritious and satisfying.

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