When Can I Put My Baby On The Pillow?

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When Can I Put My Baby On The Pillow?
When Can I Put My Baby On The Pillow?

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How much mommy wants to put her baby in a soft, cozy bed so that he sleeps comfortably there, it is warm and soft. Mothers believe that in this way they will show care and attentiveness to their child. Some mothers, not knowing until what age a pillow should not be put on a child, do so. But this is absolutely unacceptable.

When can I put my baby on the pillow?
When can I put my baby on the pillow?

Babies don't need pillows

The child does not need to lay the pillow until the cervical-vertebral spine has formed, otherwise, in the future, you may not be able to avoid spinal problems. Curvature of the spine can easily be the result of improper child care. In the period from birth to two years of age, the formation of his bends occurs in a child. Whether it is correct or not depends on the parents.

The longer you don’t give your child a pillow, the better. Orthopedists advise not to put a pillow on a baby until at least two years old, and then, if the child cannot sleep without it, it is best to buy a special orthopedic pillow or roller. As a last resort, you can make the mattress slightly tilted so that the baby's head is slightly above body level. But if your child does fine without a pillow, you don't need to obsessively put it under his head.

A doctor can prescribe an orthopedic pillow to a child almost from birth, as it prevents the risk of a curvature of the cervical spine.

The tradition of putting pillows and soft bedding under the head of babies has been around for a long time. Every young mother probably had to hear advice from her mother or grandmother on how to swaddle her baby correctly. According to them, it was necessary to swaddle the child's legs very tightly so that they would not be crooked. However, there is absolutely no need to listen to everything that your parents, friends or other close people tell you. For a child to be healthy, you need to follow exclusively the advice of experienced doctors. Try to consult a podiatrist and he will tell you what size and shape you need a pillow for your baby.

The dream is considered healthy when the position of the human body is even. Do not think that it is inconvenient to lie without a pillow. If this were so, your child would cry out for what he needs.

Another danger

Placing a pillow for the child, you also need to think about the fact that he may simply suffocate, burying his nose in it. As scary as it sounds, it really is. The kid still does not know how to turn over on his own in a dream, so the pillow can cause suffocation. And in no case should you surround the child from all sides with various objects, bumpers or soft toys. Remember that he needs free space. When caring for a baby, you need to do everything carefully and correctly, and then your baby will grow up healthy and happy.

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