How To Wear Engagement Rings

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How To Wear Engagement Rings
How To Wear Engagement Rings

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The engagement is a very beautiful ceremony that follows the matchmaking and precedes the wedding. According to the established tradition, a young man asks for the hand of his beloved from her father. The bride is presented with an engagement ring.

How to wear engagement rings
How to wear engagement rings


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From this day on, the young are considered the bride and groom. An engagement is both a real celebration of love and a time of testing for reliability and mutual understanding. This period allows young people to get to know each other better, to reflect on their readiness to connect their lives together forever. Before the engagement, the young man presents his beloved with an engagement ring.

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Nowadays, giving a ring to the bride-to-be is back in fashion. When a young man gives a girl a ring, and she accepts it, it means that they have a serious relationship and they are going to get married. The ring shows that the girl has become a bride and that the wedding will take place soon.

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Do not remove your engagement ring until after the wedding. The ring is considered a symbol of the strength of relationships and sincerity of feelings. This tradition came to us from the west, where the ring is worn on the ring finger of the left hand, and after the wedding it is removed and no longer worn. The ring becomes a family heirloom and then is passed on to children.

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Take care of the ring, it is believed that it is the beginning of family life, and marriage ends with its loss. There are no specific conditions in our country, you can wear the ring the way you like. Many wear it on the ring finger of their right hand, and then change it on their left hand. Some people wear an engagement ring along with a wedding ring, then in this case, the engagement ring should be the ring, not the ring, so that it is convenient to combine them.

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You can give a white gold ring with a stone, then in the future you will get a good combination with a wedding ring. Well, if the groom made a mistake with the size, and the ring turned out to be out of size, then do not worry, put it on another finger. After all, the most important thing is the meaning of this gift.

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