How To Introduce Parents To Parents

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How To Introduce Parents To Parents
How To Introduce Parents To Parents

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Video: How To Introduce Parents To Parents
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Usually, the introduction of parents to each other occurs during the preparation of the young for the wedding. At this moment, the acquaintance of relatives begins, a discussion of the details and the future of the couple. It is important to think over this meeting so that a good relationship develops in the family, and there is no tension in communication.

How to introduce parents to parents
How to introduce parents to parents


Step 1

Try to get to know your partner's parents before meeting together. First you need to make a good impression on them, and then introduce them to your relatives. Because of the good attitude towards you, they will friendlyly accept your parents, who were able to raise such a wonderful person.

Step 2

It is advisable to start acquaintance of parents long before the wedding. Indeed, in the pre-wedding bustle, discussing financial issues, it is difficult to build trust and friendship. Therefore, pick up some holiday (your birthdays or new year), and invite everyone to celebrate together. A few more meetings of this kind, and they will become good acquaintances.

Step 3

It is better to conduct acquaintance of parents on neutral territory so that everyone feels on an equal footing. You can go to a restaurant or cafe, get to know each other and find a common language in a relaxed atmosphere. If a young couple has their own apartment, you can invite their parents to your place. This way you will be able to control your relatives, the situation will not be too formal and you will show your independence.

Step 4

If you don't have your own apartment and the restaurant seems too formal, invite your parents out into nature. Fresh air and barbecue will cheer them up, and the acquaintance will pass in a relaxed state. But take all the preparations upon yourself so that the adults really relax, have a rest and heartily communicate with new acquaintances.

Step 5

If there is any tension in communication between the parents, it is necessary to smooth it out. Use jokes, distractions, or turn the conversation around. Talk to your partner ahead of time and identify the common interests of the parents. If the conversation gets stuck, just translate it to the topics you want.

Step 6

In any case, you can translate the topic of the conversation to a young couple, for which everyone has gathered. You can talk about the beginning of a relationship and about plans for the future. Or go straight to childhood memories, and your parents will complete the conversation with their favorite moments from your childhood. They can discuss their children for a long time and with interest, everyone has a curious story.

Step 7

Treat your parents the same, do not blindly support your parents and belittle others. You should be neutral, try to reconcile them and create a pleasant atmosphere. If you do not share the same opinion in a conversation, express your criticism gently and carefully so as not to offend anyone.

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