What Affects The Duration Of Intercourse

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What Affects The Duration Of Intercourse
What Affects The Duration Of Intercourse

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The duration of intercourse is different for all men. Someone needs more time, someone less, and this is inherent in nature, as well as some other factors.

What affects the duration of intercourse
What affects the duration of intercourse

Many factors affect the duration of intercourse. And the wishes for its duration are often very different. Someone wants it for a long time, someone likes to enjoy it without delay. In general, there is no dispute about tastes, but it is better to know how to prolong or reduce the time of intercourse, because this will help regulate you and your partner and achieve greater enjoyment of intimate life.

It is better to talk with your partner about such important things as prolongation of intercourse, because no one can read minds yet, and hints and physical reactions of various people are not always clear.

Humanity has not yet come up with anything more useful than words, so it will always be useful to have an interesting intimate conversation on the topic and discuss how you like it more: slowly or quickly, long or not, will always be useful.

What can affect the duration of a man's intercourse

Alcohol greatly affects the duration of intercourse, naturally it makes the process much longer. If a person is in a calm, balanced state, rested and in a good mood, less time will pass before the onset of orgasm. Preparations and other means (creams, emulsions, gels), specially designed for this, significantly increase the time of intercourse. They are distributed mainly through pharmacies and intimate goods stores. You can also delay sexual intercourse with psychological techniques and methods. Try to deliberately think of something detached in your poignant moments. There are specialty condoms that are either made of thicker latex or coated with lubricant. This substance slightly freezes the sensations. Due to this, the sexual intercourse is prolonged.

In addition, to prolong intercourse, you can change the pace if you like fast: with a little slow, your emotions will not go off scale and the duration of sex will increase.

It is also important to remember that the duration of sexual intercourse is highly dependent on the regularity of sexual activity. The more often a person has sex, the longer it takes him to reach orgasm.

The duration is also influenced by a person's temperament and his sexual constitution. You can try to determine it using special tests.

The dangers of increasing the duration of intercourse

But you should not get too carried away with prolongation of sexual intercourse, since if you do it too often, in the future you may have some problems. For example, if you restrain your partner for too long, in the end, he himself may not get either pleasure or sexual release. And, if you constantly delay intercourse, orgasm in the end will be more difficult, and not everyone needs it. Be literate in your intimate life and you can enjoy it to the fullest.

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