Why Do Guys Send Girls Their Nude Photos?

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Why Do Guys Send Girls Their Nude Photos?
Why Do Guys Send Girls Their Nude Photos?

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Recently, girls on social networks are increasingly receiving intimate photos from unfamiliar men. There are several most appropriate explanations for this act.

Why do guys send girls their nude photos?
Why do guys send girls their nude photos?

Who most often sends their erotic pictures

First of all, men who have such a sexual disorder as exhibitionism are engaged in the mailing of their photographs in the nude. It lies in the fact that they get sexual arousal if someone looks at their naked body. Typically, such men pre-select "victims", guided by their preferences in the appearance of girls. At the same time, there are also many exhibitionist girls who, in turn, like to send their intimate photos to guys.

Men with an unbalanced psyche can also send out nude photos. That is why further communication with them can be dangerous for a girl, especially if she agrees to a meeting. Among such people there are manic personalities, pedophiles and just rapists who lure victims with beautiful and defiant photographs, which can often even be fake.

Intimate photos as a way to meet

For some guys, sending erotic photos is a peculiar way of meeting a girl. In social networks, it is quite difficult to impress the interlocutor with just words, so men increasingly often commit unexpected and even shocking actions in order to attract attention to themselves. Sometimes it works, and the girl, having forgotten the immodest messages, begins to actively communicate with the guy.

Sometimes the photos you send turn out to be just someone's joke. With this, guys can express their contempt for the interlocutor, who, for example, had previously rejected their advances or did not want to get acquainted. Other men send their intimate photos in the hope that the woman will send them hers in return. In some cases, this is also an offer to engage in virtual sex or even meet in the real world.

Some girls become victims of rumors that are exchanged by users of various communities on social networks. Rejected boyfriends and failed lovers often tell others false information about the girl's supposedly easy behavior, after which they publish a link to her page. As a result, men who want intimate relationships begin to write to the girl and try to seduce her with candid photos.

If you are one of those victims, it is better to set tighter privacy settings for your page. These parameters can be changed in almost all social networks, protecting yourself from receiving messages sent by unfamiliar users.

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