How To Embarrass A Guy

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How To Embarrass A Guy
How To Embarrass A Guy

Video: How To Embarrass A Guy

Video: How To Embarrass A Guy
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Do you think guys are acting somewhat arrogant towards girls? Do you often want to put them in their place? Are you offended that when the sexes are equal, men still have some advantages over women when they meet? Do you want to embarrass the guy? Try it!

How to embarrass a guy
How to embarrass a guy


Step 1

• Look long and hard into the guy's eyes. For men, this look is regarded as a warning. Usually women do not look at the man, on the contrary, they look away. In such a non-standard situation, the guy will think that aggression is coming from you. He will feel a threat to his leadership. Your superiority will embarrass the guy.

Step 2

• Start a conversation in front of the guy about a topic that he cannot support, and do not give him the opportunity to remain silent by asking questions from time to time. A man does not like to be ignorant. He will certainly be confused by the situation when he knows less than a woman. It is better if it is some kind of "male" theme. Also, many guys are embarrassed if girls discuss purely female problems in their presence. You can also talk to your boyfriend about the merits of his friend, emphasizing that he himself does not have such merits.

Step 3

• Think back to sign language. A stranger can be embarrassed if you express your sympathy explicitly and persistently. Throw interested glances at him, straighten his hair, rotate an oblong object in his hands, lightly lick his lips when talking. You can get out your lipstick and touch up your makeup. All these gestures aimed at attracting a man in an exaggerated form will embarrass the young man.

Step 4

• Get close to a young person you don't know, put your hand on his shoulder and, looking into his eyes, start a conversation. You have a chance to not only embarrass, but also scare the guy with your behavior.

Step 5

• Give your guy a clearly exaggerated compliment. For example, praise a fat man for his slender figure or a short youth for his height. But keep in mind that it will be rather problematic to continue acquaintance with this person in the future. Most likely, he will not only be embarrassed, but also very offended.

Step 6

• Remember that men, like women, do not like those who assert themselves at their expense. Do not overdo it, otherwise you will remain in splendid isolation.