How To Choose A Thermometer For A Newborn Baby

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How To Choose A Thermometer For A Newborn Baby
How To Choose A Thermometer For A Newborn Baby

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A thermometer is one of those things that should be in a child's first aid kit from birth. Today there is a huge selection of thermometers: from simple to models made according to the latest fashion.

How to choose a thermometer for a newborn baby
How to choose a thermometer for a newborn baby

How to measure the body temperature of a newborn baby

When choosing a device for measuring the body temperature of a newborn baby, one must proceed from the most important principle: which thermometer is the most harmless and safe for the child.

A mercury thermometer has its pros and cons: this option is quite old, accurate, reliable, proven for centuries, will never fail. But the inconvenience is that not every child agrees to lie motionless, with an armpit thermometer.

In addition, mercury inside a thermometer always causes concern among parents - this is another disadvantage of it.

Electronic - a thermometer that is not afraid of falls, as it is shock-resistant, absolutely flexible and safe - without glass and mercury. In a matter of minutes, it will accurately determine the temperature of a newborn baby.

With a dummy thermometer, temperature measurement will not cause any problems for a child, even a dad can easily cope with this task. In its shape, this is an ordinary pacifier, holding it in the baby's mouth for just a few minutes, you will find out if your baby has a temperature. But if your child has a stuffy nose, this type of thermometer is not recommended.

A few more types of thermometers

Thermal strip is a new generation thermometer. It is quite simple to use: it is brought to the child's forehead, and in a couple of seconds you will find out if the baby has a temperature, and what kind. The strip does not cause any discomfort to the baby. But such a device has its drawback: it does not give an accurate reading, since there are two divisions on the thermometer - "high temperature" and "low temperature".

For a more accurate determination of the temperature, you will also have to use another thermometer.

Remote is a modern thermometer that will suit you if you need to quickly determine the temperature. It is better to use this type, as they are considered the fastest of all that exist. The thermometer takes measurements and immediately gives a finished result, an increased temperature, if any. Easy to use: just attach it to the newborn's clothes and you will receive the measurement result in 10 seconds.

In order not to get confused in new products and choose the right thermometer that will not harm your child, you should consult a pediatrician, and already, according to his advice and recommendations, choose what suits you best.

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