What Is The Daily Routine In Kindergarten

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What Is The Daily Routine In Kindergarten
What Is The Daily Routine In Kindergarten

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A kindergarten is the first educational institution that a child begins to attend. It is designed to help parents fully prepare him for school. The daily routine allows you to do this in a planned and systematic way.

The game form of conducting classes - leading in kindergarten
The game form of conducting classes - leading in kindergarten


Most kindergartens have a 12-hour day schedule (from seven in the morning to seven in the evening). This allows parents to free up time for work, and for children to receive full-fledged preschool training.

The daily routine is a well-thought-out alternation of such regime moments as food, play activities, rest, educational activities. This alternation gives the children an opportunity not only to gain new knowledge, but also to have a rest in time.


The day in kindergarten begins with the admission of children. It is the morning time that is important for the general mood of the group. The task of the teacher in the morning is to find out in what mood the children came to the kindergarten. For quick monitoring, so-called "mood screens" can be used. This will allow the teacher to understand exactly how to build communication with this or that child.

Exercise is an indispensable element of the physical activity of preschoolers. As a rule, it is held before breakfast. Thanks to charging, the body of babies prepares for daytime activities. The obligatory musical accompaniment also contributes to this.

Breakfast is the first meal of the day in kindergarten. From 4 years old, children help to set the table. This contributes to the development of self-service skills and responsibility.

Educational activity takes place in kids in the form of classes. Depending on the age, they last from 7 to 25 minutes. The game form allows preschoolers to master new knowledge well. Classes are held in the morning after breakfast and in the evening after afternoon tea.

Kindergarten teachers integrate teaching material into other activities. Thus, preschoolers learn the material better and acquire new skills.


A walk is a mandatory regime moment in kindergarten. Outdoor activities give children a rest. In addition, various types of outdoor games are held during the walk, which enriches the physical activity of children.

After a day's walk, which lasts 1-1.5 hours, preschoolers have lunch. For lunch, children are offered salad, first, second and third courses. A full lunch allows the child's body to restore the calories spent in the first half of the day.

An important regime moment in the daily routine in kindergarten is sleep. Children are put to bed from 13.00. Wake up at 15.00. This break helps the children to rest and prepare for their evening activities.

If the child does not sleep during sleep, the caregivers offer him to lie quietly in the crib. It also allows the body to rest.


After a nap of the day, the children receive an afternoon snack. A light snack keeps kids from feeling hungry until dinner. In addition, during an afternoon snack, the body of children finally wakes up.

The educational block in the evening consists of lightweight activities (construction, reading fiction, etc.). The advantage of the game form of holding remains.

Dinner is served at 17.00. After that, parents can pick up their kids from kindergarten. Those children, whose parents work longer, stay with the caregivers until 19.00.

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