How To Test A Newborn's Hearing

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How To Test A Newborn's Hearing
How To Test A Newborn's Hearing

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There are several medical and folk ways to test the hearing of a newborn child, early diagnosis makes it possible to identify the disease in the early stages and begin treatment, which is why it is necessary to know different ways to test hearing.

How to test a newborn's hearing
How to test a newborn's hearing


Step 1

If the baby is not yet a month old, then his reaction in response to loud sounds will be limited to a start, or he can spread his arms and, as it were, hug himself, doctors call this Moro syndrome. In a month, the child will begin to freeze, hearing loud sounds.

Step 2

The hearing of a 2 or 3-month-old baby can be determined by observing his reaction to the mother's voice, as a rule, children become animated, smile, move their legs and arms, and gag. The fact that the baby is trying to gurgle is a good sign for determining the test of his hearing. The child begins to turn his head to the sharp sound of a rattle or other loud sound at the age of 3 months, before that his muscular system does not yet have the necessary coordination.

Step 3

A sleeping child should be disturbed by sharp sounds if his age is more than 1, 5-2 months. After 5 months, he should start babbling, trying to pronounce some syllables in his own language, and from 8 months to a year, pronounce individual words and try to answer the words of adults, while turning his head to the sound, even if he comes from the back.

Step 4

Parents should be alerted to the child's reaction to sounds that do not meet age standards. Sometimes it seems that the baby is lagging behind in development, it happens, because a hard-of-hearing child does not quite correctly perceive the information of the surrounding world.

Step 5

You can check your newborn's hearing at a health facility or center. There are different methods for this today. Medical professionals use the method of registration of evoked otoacoustic emission, the method of registration of evoked auditory potentials and the method of acoustic impedance measurement. Undoubtedly, parents should be attentive to their child so as not to miss the disease, but at the first symptoms of the disease, it is imperative to consult a specialist so that he dispels doubts or sends him for treatment to a qualified institution.

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