How To Choose The First Shoe For A Child

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How To Choose The First Shoe For A Child
How To Choose The First Shoe For A Child

Video: How To Choose The First Shoe For A Child

Video: How To Choose The First Shoe For A Child
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The choice of the first shoe for a child is a responsible matter, since the right shoe helps the baby's foot to form correctly, but bad shoes can do a lot of harm. The opinions of doctors on this issue often differ, and the choice in stores is very large, so it is often difficult for young mothers to choose their first shoes.

How to choose the first shoe for a child
How to choose the first shoe for a child

It is necessary

  • - the ability to distinguish high-quality materials from low-quality;
  • - patience


Step 1

For the correct formation of the foot, freedom is necessary, most useful is walking barefoot on surfaces with a variety of textures. Therefore, wear shoes for the child only on the street, it is better to walk at home without them.

Step 2

Shoes for the baby should not be tight; a small space should be left between the shoe and the baby's foot. The nose of the boot should be wide enough not to get in the way of your toes.

Step 3

As with adults, the feet of young children are very different. Some have full feet, with a high rise, while others, on the contrary, are narrow. Therefore, when choosing shoes, be sure to take your child with you to the store and try on the proposed purchase. If you are going to order shoes in an online store, then interview familiar mothers, ask around on the forums which shoes of which company and what size will suit your child. Perhaps one of the mothers you know can give their shoes to try on, this will save you from mistakes.

Step 4

Pay attention to what material the shoes are made of. It is preferable to choose natural materials such as leather or cotton. In this case, the material should be soft enough so as not to hinder movement when walking. See if there are any items, such as thick seams, that might get in the way and chafe your foot.

Step 5

Check that there are no high instep supports on the insole, they interfere with training the muscles of the arch of the foot, which can lead to the development of flat feet.

Step 6

The soles of children's shoes are usually made of rubber or rubber. The sole should be flat, without heels. Try bending the shoe in half - good children's shoes have a sole that bends easily, without much effort. Of course, if these are winter boots, then the sole should no longer be so flexible, but it is better not to buy too stiff boots. Pay attention to the tread pattern, if the sole is smooth, then this affects the stability of the child when walking.