How Not To Freeze While Walking With A Stroller

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How Not To Freeze While Walking With A Stroller
How Not To Freeze While Walking With A Stroller

Video: How Not To Freeze While Walking With A Stroller

Video: How Not To Freeze While Walking With A Stroller
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Winter cold is approaching. Those mothers whose babies are still sleeping in the stroller are thinking about how to dress warmly for a walk. Walking on the street with a small child is a prerequisite for his immunity and good development. Fresh air is also useful for mom's health, but only if she is warmly dressed and does not freeze in frost.

walk outside with a stroller in winter and not get cold
walk outside with a stroller in winter and not get cold

Walk a lot

The baby will sleep better in a stroller with constant movement. If the mother is constantly walking, she will rock the baby all the time. In addition, the woman herself in this case freezes less. Exercise will help warm up well: going up and down the slides in some park.

Warm shoes

For a walk with a stroller, you must wear the most comfortable and warm shoes. Beautiful heels are best put aside until you go to work. In the meantime, on maternity leave, you should rummage in the closet and find thick woolen socks. The warmest shoes are felt boots, ugg boots or puffy boots. The more layers there are on the leg, the warmer. That is, it is advisable to wear several socks, so boots or ugg boots should be one size larger. It is imperative that the shoes do not slip. All the same, for mom to walk in it for a long time, and not just run to the bus stop.

Thermal underwear

Now it is very fashionable to buy thermal underwear. But many do not know how to choose the right one. Any thermal underwear does not warm by itself, it only helps the body to keep warm and remove moisture. The higher the wool content in the linen, the less physical activity it is designed for. Purely synthetic thermal underwear is designed to wick away sweat during active sports: skiing, snowboarding, running. But this does not mean that the young mother will sit warmly on the bench for 2 hours in the cold, simply wearing woolen thermal underwear. For it to work, you have to move.

On top of thermal underwear, be sure to wear several layers of clothing and a windproof jacket or down jacket. The principle is always the same: the more layers of clothing, the warmer. The most wonderful option over thermal underwear is a fleece jacket. The denser the fleece, the better.


You shouldn't buy sportswear for a stroller ride. Like thermal underwear, snowboard and ski jackets are designed to provide maximum wind protection and sweat away from your body. It is comfortable to play sports in them, and not to walk outside in cold weather. A down jacket is much more suitable for walking with a baby in a stroller. It is advisable to choose a long cut to cover your knees. No short jacket can warm a mother during a long walk with her baby in the cold.

A fur coat or sheepskin coat is also not the most suitable clothes for a young mother: too heavy and hinder movements. If the baby not only sleeps in a stroller, but sometimes walks a little, then in a fur coat it will be very uncomfortable for mom to walk with him by the arms.

Mittens and stroller clutch

Throughout the walk with the stroller, the young mother has to hold onto the handle of the stroller. Keeping your hands out of the cold is not as difficult as it might seem. First, you need warm windproof mittens. You can buy leggings - these are huge warm mittens that are worn over gloves and jacket sleeves. The length of the leggings are almost to the elbow. It is not very convenient to hold the handle of the stroller in them, but the hands are warm.

Secondly, you can order a clutch for a stroller. These are sewn and sold by many needlewomen. The clutch has a simple design: it fastens with a handle and has two holes for your hands to stick through. The clutch for the stroller is one-piece (the warmest) and separate for each hand. A synthetic winterizer is sewn inside it, sometimes artificial fur is made as a lining.