How To Assemble A Stroller

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How To Assemble A Stroller
How To Assemble A Stroller
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Assembling the baby's first transport often confuses the young father, and puts the mother into a stupor. However, the process of assembling a stroller comes down to three simple steps: assemble the frame, fix the wheels, fix the cradle for a newborn or a seat for an older baby.

The basis of a baby carriage is a frame. The assembly of the first children's transport must begin with it
The basis of a baby carriage is a frame. The assembly of the first children's transport must begin with it

With strollers - canes, everything is clear. These lightweight and compact baby strollers are sold pre-assembled. The situation is more complicated with combined children's transport - with universal strollers and transformers.

Assembling a baby carriage - transformer

Parents love strollers - transformers for their versatility. The frame of such a stroller is X or L - shaped. To assemble a stroller - transformer, you need to bring it to the working position and fix the necessary parts.

Twin strollers - "tandem" or "side by side" - are assembled according to the same principle.

Such models go on sale folded in a "book". Start assembling the transformer by bringing the stroller into working position. To do this, pull the handle up. When the locks on both sides lock into position, you will hear a click.

Then fasten the wheels. To do this, put them on the axle by pressing on the center of the wheel. Make sure the wheels are secure and depress the brake pedal to keep the stroller stationary during assembly.

Next, put on the handrail. If it's cold outside, pass it through the hole in the semicircular cover (footrest apron), secure the fabric on the armrests with buttons. If the baby is already sitting, fix the foot strap on the handrail - this will save the baby from falling.

Move the handle to the desired position. To do this, pull the latches towards you, flip the handle and lower them. Use the buttons to secure the mommy bag.

Assembling a universal stroller

The basis of the design of universal strollers (otherwise they are called "2 in 1" or "3 in 1") is the chassis, which consists of a support frame and wheels, and modules: a cradle, a seat and even a car seat.

The assembly of a universal stroller begins with the preparation of the frame. To do this, unfold the base frame by bending its sides. Attach the handle to the frame: insert the pins into the holes on the handle, release the buttons until they click and press the handle - this is necessary to secure it in place.

Then you need to put on the wheels. To do this, pull up the lever on the wheel and slide the wheel onto the axle. Push it and lower the lever. A click will be heard - it indicates that the wheel is securely attached to the axle. Apply the brake to keep the stroller stationary.

For some wheel models, the front and rear wheels differ in size. As a rule, the rear ones are larger.

Put on the basket for things. To do this, pull the springs on it and fix it on the wheel axles inside the frame.

Secure the carrycot. To do this, turn the hooks on the frame clockwise - they are located at the top on both sides of the frame. Insert the four pins of the cradle into the slots, turn the hooks clockwise - this will fix the module on the frame.

Adjust the position of the backrest in the module and the position of the stroller handle.

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