How To Choose A Children's Circle For Swimming

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How To Choose A Children's Circle For Swimming
How To Choose A Children's Circle For Swimming

Video: How To Choose A Children's Circle For Swimming

Video: How To Choose A Children's Circle For Swimming
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One of the most effective ways to harden babies is to swim in the water. In addition to everything else, being in the water helps to relax the body, this is especially important in today's hectic pace of life. Children just love to swim, and parents are worried that their child takes a sip of water while swimming, or worse, starts to drown. Inflatable rings for children are a real salvation from this.

How to choose a children's circle for swimming
How to choose a children's circle for swimming


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When choosing a floating craft, it is necessary to take into account the following requirements: the age of the child himself and the level of his physical development; features of the state of health; the child's attitude to the water element.

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Inflatable circles on the neck are purchased for children from a very young age. They are mainly recommended for children from four months of age, although many parents start using them even earlier. The size of the circle is approximately 40 centimeters in the outer diameter and from 8 centimeters in the inner diameter. For one-year-old children, a circle with an inner diameter of 9.8 centimeters and an outer diameter of 37 centimeters is suitable. If there is a sticky clasp on the circle, you can use it to adjust the inner diameter yourself.

Step 3

Any swimming device should be equipped with a chin restraint that prevents water from entering the child's body. In order to choose a good circle, you need to pay attention to its inner seam, since the hard inner surface will help chafing the delicate skin of the child.

Step 4

For children from one to two years old, you can choose an inflatable ring with panties. Its peculiarity lies in the fact that the circle is equipped with two slots for the legs, thanks to which the possibility of falling out is excluded. These inflatable walkers allow the child to feel more confident in the water, work out the coordination of the movement of the legs and arms. The circle is designed for children weighing up to 13 kilograms. When buying this product, you should pay attention to this indicator. If the weight of the child exceeds the maximum load of the circle itself, then the baby can easily roll over.

Step 5

For children from the age of three, a regular inflatable ring is suitable. Before buying a product, be sure to try it on your child. The diameter should not greatly exceed the girth of the waist, otherwise the child can easily slip out of it when bathing. It is also worth paying attention to the quality of the seam so that the material is soft at the junction. The optimal diameter of the circle should be: for a three-year-old child - 50 centimeters, for children from 6 years old - up to 61 centimeters, for older children - 61 centimeters or more. This type of circle allows the child not only to be safely in the water, but also prepares for independence, helping in learning to swim.

Step 6

An inflatable ring with handles is necessary for especially impressionable children, as additional devices will allow them to be more confident in the water. Thanks to this, they swim with much greater desire.