How To Keep Children Safe When Swimming In Summer

How To Keep Children Safe When Swimming In Summer
How To Keep Children Safe When Swimming In Summer

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You can swim in the pool all year round, but nothing beats swimming in the open water on a hot summer day. To avoid trouble, you need to follow simple rules.

baby swimming
baby swimming

To begin with, it is imperative to figure out where to swim properly. Swimming in open water is allowed where it is allowed to do so, as well as in places with clean and transparent water.

You should not swim on a full stomach and not hungry. And always under the supervision of adults.

When to swim properly:

  • at an air temperature above 20 degrees;
  • at water temperatures above 22 degrees;
  • in the morning or evening hours.

What not to do while swimming:

  • dive and jump in places with unfamiliar bottom;
  • dive under watercraft, under boats, under other people;
  • approach various ships.

What to use for safe play in the water:

  • various inflatable balls, circles, mattresses, toys;
  • life jackets, arm ruffles.

How long can a child bathe:

  • you need to get used to bathing gradually, starting from 5 minutes;
  • in the future, increase the time to 15 - 20 minutes.

Leave the pond if the child is tired, cold, or feeling unwell.

Parents need to explain to their child how to behave in dangerous situations. So, in case of danger, you should calm down and call for help. When bringing the legs together with a cramp, you must not panic and pull the sock strongly towards you. The child must very well remember these most important rules, non-observance of which can cost him his life.

It is better for children to refrain from bathing if they feel unwell or are tired. Do not swim when there is a strong wind outside, cloudy, cool.

What should a child do after getting out of the water:

  • immediately wrap yourself in a large towel or blanket;
  • wipe dry, change into dry clothes;
  • drink water, or better warm sweet herbal tea with chamomile or mint.

All children can be encouraged to learn to swim and exercise, which will strengthen the muscles and increase the stamina needed while swimming.

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