How To Keep Your Child Safe During Icy Conditions

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How To Keep Your Child Safe During Icy Conditions
How To Keep Your Child Safe During Icy Conditions

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Autumn, winter and spring are dangerous, not only by cold weather, but also by ice on the roads. Talk to your child about any danger points in advance.



Step 1

To protect your child from ice, choose comfortable shoes with a stable, non-slip sole, best of all on a microporous basis. Shoes should be the right size, shouldn't be too tight or too loose. The boot should be firmly fixed on the leg with a fastener or drawstring.

Step 2

Before walking, do not forget to explain that you need to look under your feet, try to avoid puddles, be careful on a frozen staircase, and use handrails when descending.

Step 3

Explain that in winter, when the roads are icy, in no case should you rush and run, especially when crossing the road or near the roadway. On a slippery road, the car will not be able to stop quickly.

Step 4

Tell your child how to properly walk on ice. There are situations when a slippery surface cannot be avoided. In such cases, it is necessary to slowly step over the entire surface of the leg, if possible, adhering to any support, whether it is a railing or a wall nearby, or take an adult by the hand.

Step 5

You cannot walk under ice-covered trees in winter, a branch may fall from them, or under buildings with icicles on them. Another danger is the possibility of snow melting from the roof.

Step 6

If the child has a phone, make your number on a speed dial, also tell us that in case of unforeseen situations it is worth calling 101 or 112. When calling, you need to quickly and clearly explain the situation, say your coordinates or the nearest known point and say your details, such as your last name, name and age, stay put until parents arrive or help. In severe frost, if possible, move to the nearest store or entrance.

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