How To Keep Your Child Safe When Sledding

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How To Keep Your Child Safe When Sledding
How To Keep Your Child Safe When Sledding

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With the onset of winter comes cold, snow falls and, of course, it is time for winter fun with children. One of the favorite winter entertainments for children is undoubtedly sledding. The main thing in this business from an adult is to prevent possible accidents and troubles that may await you while sledding.

Children on sleds
Children on sleds


Step 1

Try to dress your child not only nicely and warmly, but also comfortably. Clothing should fit snugly, but not constrict the skin or restrict movement. It is better to wear overalls or alpine skis. And also use several layers of clothing or thermal underwear. This will give you more time for sledding and the child will not freeze.

Step 2

Before sledding, make sure that they are intact, there are no chippings on the wooden parts, the pieces of iron are not bent, the rope, if any, is not tangled. It will take a couple of seconds, but it will calm and protect your nerves while riding.

Step 3

If your sled has a seat belt, seat the child with the seat belt and make sure he is comfortable.

Step 4

Before skating, explain to your child how to behave correctly, do not jump, do not push. Observe the queue on the slide. Do not jump from trampolines as this could result in injury.

Step 5

If you have to cross the road while on a sled ride. Stop, remove the child from the sled, cross the road, and only then put him back on the sled. Remember that the driver has a different angle of view and may not see the child on the sled.

Step 6

Do not use a single sled with a child or for several children to ride at once. Supervise your child while riding.

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