What To Do If Bullied At School

What To Do If Bullied At School
What To Do If Bullied At School

Video: What To Do If Bullied At School

Video: What To Do If Bullied At School
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Teens who have never experienced bullying in school are actually very fortunate. Since children are very cruel, bullying can have a serious impact, ruin the mood, and leave deep psychological wounds. What if they are bullied at school?

What to do if bullied at school
What to do if bullied at school

First, you need to realize and understand the motives that the offenders are guided by. Most often, these are the following motives: envy, the desire to gain popularity and authority among their peers, anger associated with teenage problems, the desire to look cool, to have power over a person. As we can see, there is not a single reason that directly relates to the person being bullied.

A teenager should know that if he is bullied at school, it is not his fault. In no case should you blame yourself or your appearance, nationality, feelings, hobbies, opinions. You should always be proud of who you are.

It is not a shame to ask for help, what is happening can be told to the teacher, parents, school psychologist. If your teen has experienced bullying at school, you need to do the following.

1. Do not react in any way to the offender. If you do not react in any way to the person who is trying to offend, then soon he will get tired of it, and he will simply lag behind.

2. Take care of your safety. If the abuser can hurt physically, then it is better to leave.

3. Report bullying. Don't be afraid to tell your teacher or school principal.

How to overcome the psychological consequences of bullying?

1. It is necessary to find those people who share interests, to enlist their support.

2. Tell the trustworthy person about your experiences. You can't carry everything inside yourself.

3. Develop self-confidence.

4. Do not think about the humiliation that I had to go through. Better to remember those moments when people were good.

5. Do not blame yourself for the fact that wounds do not heal so quickly.

6. Talk to the person who is also bullied at school. So you can understand that there are others with similar problems.

7. Help someone. You can get a job as a volunteer in a charitable organization. One of the best ways to forget your troubles is to help others in a difficult situation.

8. Go in for sports. It's a good idea to enroll in a martial arts class. As the saying goes, "in a healthy body there is a healthy mind." This will help you cope with the trauma and, if necessary, fight back your offenders.