How To Install A Child Seat

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How To Install A Child Seat
How To Install A Child Seat

Video: How To Install A Child Seat

Video: How To Install A Child Seat
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A child car seat should be installed in every car in which a small child is transported - the health and life of your baby depends on its reliability and quality. For the seat to really protect the child effectively, it must be properly positioned in the back seat of the car, it is not difficult and every parent can easily handle the installation of a child seat.

How to install a child seat
How to install a child seat


Step 1

The way the chair is installed depends on the type of chair - there are two types of chairs, one of which is suitable for younger children, and the other for older children. The first type of seats are fastened to the rear seat with special belts, and the child is fastened to the seat with a five-point seat belt.

Step 2

Seats of the second type are placed in the back seat and fastened with an ordinary car seat belt together with the child.

Step 3

The carrycot for a newborn baby must be installed perpendicular to the movement of the vehicle.

Step 4

The seats of the zero group are installed against the direction of travel, and the seats of the first, second and third groups are installed in the direction of travel.

Step 5

Some seats are attached to the rear seat using special European standard fasteners. The Isofix rigid mount is only suitable for vehicles with an Isofix seat.

Step 6

The advantage of seats with an ordinary mount over Isofix seats is that when braking hard, such seats soften the jerk.

Step 7

If the rear seat of the car is not equipped with seat belts, they must be fitted to ensure the safety of the child. When installing the seat, follow the instructions carefully, as only the correct installation of the seat can protect the child in the event of an accident. If the chair is installed incorrectly, you could harm the child.

Step 8

When choosing a seat in a store, try it on to your car seat whenever possible to make sure that the dimensions and design of the seat match the shape and dimensions of the seat and the length and width of the belts.