What To Do If A Child Is Lost In Another City

What To Do If A Child Is Lost In Another City
What To Do If A Child Is Lost In Another City

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In the midst of holidays, many think only about where to go, which hotel to choose, what to take with them on a trip. But few people think about what to do if a child is lost in a strange city.

What to do if a child is lost in another city
What to do if a child is lost in another city

A lot can happen during a trip and a child can get lost. It seems that this is impossible, but such situations still occur and you need to be prepared for them and prepare the child in advance.

If during a trip by transport you left, and the child stayed (or vice versa), you need to discuss in advance what to do. The best option for a child is to get off at the next station and wait for their parents at it, without leaving anywhere. If you left, but the child remained, then he also should not leave the stop and wait for your return.

If a child is lost in a public place - a cinema, a store, a park, a shopping center, then he should stay in one place for a while, and then contact the administrator or police officer. If neither one nor the other is in sight, you need to prepare the child so that he simply begins to call his parents. In this case, one of the adults passing by will help. But in this case, the child should never agree to go anywhere with a stranger.

Lost on the street, it is advisable to go to an institution and ask to call the police. If it is a foreign country, it is always recommended to have a tag with the name of the child and parents, as well as a contact phone number and the address of the hotel. If not a tag, then at least a note that the child can show to the police. In no case should a child enter the porches or agree to be picked up by a stranger in a car.

Parents, in turn, should carefully look around, call the child loudly if he is suddenly lost. Just in case, you need to carry a recent photo of your baby with you, especially if you are abroad. In a public place, you must immediately report the loss of the child through the speakerphone. If the child is not found within half an hour, be sure to contact the police.

The most important advice: you must always carefully look after the child so that the above tips are not useful. And if the child is lost, but in the end he is found, in no case should he be scolded, because he has already experienced severe stress.

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