How To Choose A Good Stroller

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How To Choose A Good Stroller
How To Choose A Good Stroller

Video: How To Choose A Good Stroller

Video: How To Choose A Good Stroller
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It is sometimes very difficult to choose a stroller among the huge assortment presented in stores. A suitable option must meet all safety requirements. In addition, the stroller is used for a long time, which means that you should like its external design.

How to choose a good stroller
How to choose a good stroller


Step 1

Choose based on age. Carrycot strollers are designed for babies from birth to 6 months, they are comfortable, safe, and quite comfortable. The main requirement for such models is an even, rigid, non-sagging bottom. This ensures the correct position of the spine of the crumbs. In many strollers, the backrest can be adjusted. It is good if the stroller has a removable cradle, a folding chassis, this will provide ease of carrying. It is desirable that the model be insulated.

After 6 months, you need to purchase a transforming stroller. This option is suitable for those who do not want to buy several models, since it allows you to combine functions for both newborns and older children. Many of the options are equipped with carrycots for easy portability.

Children after a year can purchase a stroller-cane. This is a good option for toddlers. They can no longer sit for so long, they want to know the world. And such a model is easy to fold, it is comfortable. The main thing is to provide for a reliable fastening method. Such strollers are often equipped with insulated linings, which allows them to be used in the cold season.

Step 2

Inspect the body of the stroller, it should be wide and deep so that the child is free, even in winter. If the house has an elevator, then the stroller should freely pass into it. The attachment of the body to the frame must also be reliable, and the location must be symmetrical, the stroller must not fall on its side. It is important that the frame is light, but strong, the weight of the model depends on this, it is better to choose a stroller with a high frame. It will be easier for you to move it.

Step 3

Pay attention to the material and quality of the stroller. The outer layer should be waterproof, and the inner breathable, preferably made of cotton. Well, if the upholstery is removable, it can be removed and removed.

Step 4

Look what wheels the stroller has, the best are rubber. They are less slippery and provide a smoother ride. If they have a deep tread, they will provide good flotation. Inflatable wheels are replaced by wheels with a large volume of rubber. The larger the wheels, the higher the permeability on snow and mud. If the wheels rotate on their own axis, the stroller will be more maneuverable.

Step 5

Check the brake system. Take a closer look at the quality of shock absorbers, the baby should be comfortable during the trip. Pay attention to the handle of the stroller, it should be comfortable, durable and reliable. It is good if it folds or can be adjusted in height. All strollers must be equipped with five-point seat belts that do not hinder movement while providing reliable protection.

Step 6

Ask the seller what is included in the product package. The accessories are very diverse. This can be a foot cover, a luggage basket, an awning against rain and snow, a clutch, a mosquito net, a spacious bag.

Step 7

Do not buy a stroller right away, go home, read reviews on the Internet, adhere to your own opinion and wishes. It is not necessary to buy a blue stroller if you have a boy, or a model, like from the neighbors across the street.