How To Keep Preschoolers Safe

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How To Keep Preschoolers Safe
How To Keep Preschoolers Safe

Video: How To Keep Preschoolers Safe

Video: How To Keep Preschoolers Safe
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How to explain to a kid what is good and what is bad. After all, a small person still looks at this world with naive, clean eyes, which means that he himself is not able to discern evil. The task of parents is not to turn the child into a gloomy person, intimidated by scary stories about evil people, but to teach him to distinguish between good and evil.

How to keep preschoolers safe
How to keep preschoolers safe

It is necessary

  • - the ability to persuade;
  • - cellular telephone;
  • - consultation with a child psychologist.


Step 1

Explain simple safety rules to your child using fairy tales as an example. Just as good and bad heroes act in a fairy tale, so they are in life. There are evil people with whom it is better not to meet, even just not to talk. And there are good ones who can be trusted, they will always help. How to teach a child to distinguish between good and bad? You just need to explain to the kid that strangers can be both good and evil. And that he himself is unlikely to distinguish some from others, therefore, before speaking to a stranger, the child must ask his mother for permission.

Step 2

Do not leave your child alone on the street for a long time. Do not allow to leave the yard or start conversations with strangers while walking. Do not bring up your child in such a way that any adult is an authority for him and you have to obey him. Explain to the children that they can refuse adults if they are strangers. Explain to the child who to consider a stranger. Any stranger is a stranger. It doesn't matter who he introduced himself and even if he says that he knows mom or dad, he still remains a stranger if the child has never seen him before.

Step 3

Don't leave your preschooler at home alone. You can always invite your grandmother or a neighbor to sit with him. If, nevertheless, such a situation is inevitable - you need to leave urgently (for a business meeting, for urgent work), and there is no one to leave the child with, it is better to take the child with you. Choose a cafe or restaurant for a business meeting, which has a children's room. If you clarify the situation, your colleagues will understand you. In the eyes of colleagues or potential employers, this will be an indicator of your responsibility. The safety of the child must come first.

Step 4

Don't leave your child with people you don't trust. Paradoxically, they can even be close relatives. If you know that one of your relatives has bad habits (alcohol / drug addiction, foul language, smoking, etc.), it is better to refrain from leaving the child with him.

Step 5

Help your child remember another rule. You cannot accept any gifts from strangers (be it candy or chocolate), you also cannot go with a stranger who promises to show something valuable (a kitten or a cell phone).