How To Teach Children Traffic Rules

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How To Teach Children Traffic Rules
How To Teach Children Traffic Rules

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Knowledge of traffic rules is the basis of the safety of a modern person. And these are the first rules that a child should know and apply. It is the responsibility of the parents to teach the child these postulates, although it is often the parents who are the clear examples of how not to do it. And when you consider that children copy their parental patterns, it is not surprising that road accidents involving small pedestrians have become more frequent.

How to teach children traffic rules
How to teach children traffic rules


Step 1

It is best to start teaching the rules with a personal example. If a child sees every day how his mom or dad cross the road at a red light, not on the "zebra" or do not follow the rules in the role of drivers, no amount of talking about how to do the right thing will not affect the child. You should comment on your child every time you go out on the road. Why did you stop at the crossing, why are you waiting, why you need to look to the left and then to the right, etc.

Step 2

There is no need to scare a small child with the consequences of improper behavior on the road. But the schoolchildren are already old enough to appreciate the consequences of their rash act. And more control is needed. They can break the rules just for the sake of company, so as not to look like a weakling in the eyes of their classmates. Try to convey to the child that risking your own life is stupidity and you need to learn how to adequately respond to such tests of strength.

Step 3

If the child already walks or goes to school on his own, you can personally check how he complies with traffic rules. If he has to cross the road, follow him. There is nothing shameful or unacceptable in this - you just want to make sure it is safe. And if the observations turn out to be disappointing, you will have to seriously talk with the child. Just do not give out where you got this information, so you can lose the trust of your son or daughter. And most likely, you will have to use "surveillance" more than once.

Step 4

It is better to present the basics of road safety to a preschooler in a playful way. If you are traveling with a child in a car, then ask him to comment on all the actions of pedestrians, giving them an assessment. At home, you can simulate the traffic situation with toy cars and dolls or teddy bears and bunnies.

Step 5

The traffic police often conducts preventive work among children, which includes various events and holidays. Try to attend events that your child can attend as an inspector, as a driver, or as a pedestrian.

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