How To Work With Street Children

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How To Work With Street Children
How To Work With Street Children

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Working with street children can be divided into four stages. Each of them is aimed at one common goal - to bring the child into a socially acceptable environment.

How to work with street children
How to work with street children


Step 1

At the first stage of working with street children, it is necessary to carry out a general diagnosis. First, identify the location of the children. Study the nature of the children’s life, identify the number of permanent children in the group, find out their age and gender. It is also necessary to identify the leader of the group, as he will be a mediator in communication with others. It is important to know if the group of children is being influenced by any other adults. Determining the way the guys earn money is also important.

Step 2

Next, you need to conduct an initial acquaintance. For such an operation, two people are sent to a group of street children: a social worker and a psychologist. Their appearance should be democratic so as not to emphasize the visual difference. Communication should be started during the rest of the children, being on their territory. Use neutral topics in your conversation.

Step 3

The next step is to directly help the children. Give them primary information about places of free help, carry out possible sanitary actions. Provide material assistance (provision of medicines, food) depending on the available funds.

Step 4

The last step is to accompany the child's transition from a street environment to a socially acceptable one. At this stage, children will most need psychological support. Carry out organizational work on the placement of the child in social institutions.

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