How To Choose The Right Crib For Your Baby

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How To Choose The Right Crib For Your Baby
How To Choose The Right Crib For Your Baby
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A newborn child spends most of the time in the arms of Morpheus, so it is so important to choose a high-quality crib for the baby. Superstitious parents postpone this question until after the birth of the baby, however, you can look after the dowry for the baby even before the child is born. The right crib should create optimal conditions for a good rest.

How to choose the right crib for your baby
How to choose the right crib for your baby

A wide range of cribs often baffles dads and moms. Furniture should not only be safe, beautiful and durable, it is necessary to consider how the bed will fit into the interior of the children's room. Therefore, when buying a crib for a child, you must be guided by a number of criteria.

Types of baby cots

Today, parents can give preference to several options for cribs for children - cradles, classic models, transformers. Of these, the most common are classic beds. They can have different functionality - with a built-in drawer, a pendulum, on casters, runners, legs. You can also meet beds with the ability to adjust the height of the bottom, so this type of furniture is designed for babies from birth to three to four years.

Cradle beds are less functional, they are only suitable for babies up to one year old. This type of bed is equipped with handles, so the cradles can be used as carriers. Ideally, the soft cradle has a removable cover to facilitate the care of the cover.

Transformers are distinguished by the greatest functionality. These models of beds can be converted into sofas if you remove the sides, free-standing chest of drawers, shelf or table. There are beds with a built-in changing table, and some varieties of transformers can "grow" with the child.

Requirements for cots

It is important to choose a crib made of environmentally friendly material. The best option for making children's furniture was and remains natural wood. It is harmless, breathable and safe, and wood surfaces are easy to maintain. When buying a bed, you must familiarize yourself with the product certificates. The product must be well sanded and polished, coated with non-toxic paints or varnish.

It is desirable that the bed has several options for adjusting the bed in height. It is convenient when the sides of the furniture are also lowered. Often, the walls of the beds are equipped with silicone and plastic pads that children can gnaw when their teeth begin to cut.

A prerequisite is the stability of the bed, even in models with a pendulum, the mechanism can be locked to ensure the stability of the furniture position. The bottom of the bed should be slatted to ensure good ventilation for the mattress.

Pay attention to the distance between the bars of the sides - it should be at least 6 cm so that the child does not get stuck between them. The bed should not have sharp corners or any protrusions.

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