How To Choose A Crib For A Baby

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How To Choose A Crib For A Baby
How To Choose A Crib For A Baby

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Choosing a dowry for a baby is not only a pleasant and exciting process, but also a very responsible one. The purchase of each item must be carefully considered. This is especially true of a cozy nest for a baby - his first bed.

How to choose a crib for a baby
How to choose a crib for a baby


Step 1

When choosing a crib for a child, first of all, pay attention to the material from which it is made. Ideally, a crib should be made of high quality natural wood, without the use of paints or varnishes. And if you suddenly like a painted crib, make sure that the paint is lead-free. Pay attention to how carefully the surface of the product is sanded.

Step 2

Give preference to the crib, the parts of which are firmly connected to each other, and all metal elements, such as screws and screws, are "sunk" in the wood and secured with plugs.

Step 3

Pay attention to the crib, the bottom of which can be adjusted in height. For a newborn baby, set the bottom to the highest level so that it is more comfortable for mom to bend over to it. When the baby learns to stand up on his own, lower the bottom lower so that he does not fall out of the crib.

Step 4

Make sure the bars of the crib you like don't have sharp corners. In addition, they must be quite strong, and the distance between the rods should not exceed 6 cm, otherwise the head of a curious little fidget may get stuck between them one day.

Step 5

Before choosing one or another bed for a child, think about how you plan to put the baby to bed. If you do not want to part with your baby even at night, give preference to a product with a removable sidewall, which you will close to your sleeping place. Thanks to a rocking bed or a crib with a pendulum design, you will not need to rock your baby in your arms. Additional convenience for mom and dad is created by removable casters present on the legs of some models of cribs.

Step 6

Take a closer look at the cribs, the design of which includes such convenient devices as a changing table, a chest of drawers for things, a box for toys, which save not only space in the apartment, but also the family budget.

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