How To Pronounce The Sound "f"

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How To Pronounce The Sound "f"
How To Pronounce The Sound "f"
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Many parents are faced with the problem of pronunciation of some sounds in their children. Speech therapists have developed many special exercises to help a child easily master a particular sound that causes him difficulty.

How to pronounce the sound
How to pronounce the sound


Step 1

Any speech therapy classes should be conducted with a positive attitude, it should be a game that the child understands and likes.

Step 2

Start with a warm-up for your lips and tongue. The child must learn to control his articulatory apparatus in order to pronounce all the sounds correctly. To prepare for pronouncing the sound "w", do the following exercises with your child:

1) spread the tongue, putting it on the lower lip and sticking it out slightly (the tongue is resting, it looks like a pancake)

2) Spread the tongue not on the lip, but on the lower teeth and bite the front and side edges of the tongue

3) Imagine that there is jam on the upper lip, and you need to lick it off by moving your tongue from top to inside, towards yourself.

4) Make a "cup" or "ladle" out of the tongue.

5) Direct a stream of air at an object (cotton ball or piece of paper) so that it moves.

Step 3

After that, invite the child to blow, holding the tongue in the shape of a "cup" - so you can call the sound "w", and the sound "w" is pronounced in the same way, but with the participation of the voice.

Step 4

Pronounce various syllables with the child: ZHA, LZHZH, ZHO, ZHU, ZHDA, ZHNA, ZHGU. Then (it is better to use the appropriate toys or pictures) say different words that have the sound "w": toad, skis, acorn, beetle.

Step 5

Learn with your child various rhymes for practicing the sound "w", for example: A beetle, seeing a crane, Buzzed: "Where am I?

I think I'll wait

I'll lie under the magazine! "- Please, can I have some cake?

- Can I have some ice cream, please?

- What do you want?

- I have a pie, Jelly, boiled pork and a cone with jam!

Step 6

To distinguish between the sounds "g" and "z", say the following couplets: I left the HALL, The shoe STORED me! You can't Yawn at the table -

There will be no time to CHEW!

Step 7

To distinguish between the sounds "w" and "w", the child must master, for example, the following rhymes: Among the cardboard COVERS

There was a kitten RYZHIK. Here is a SPRING from the watch, Light as a PUSHINKA. Sewed pants for a hedgehog, We sew a vest for a hare, We sew pajamas for teddy bears.

Maybe make a jacket for mom?

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