How To Teach A Child The Months Of The Year

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How To Teach A Child The Months Of The Year
How To Teach A Child The Months Of The Year

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A lot of time and attention should be paid to the development of a child of any age. The older the baby gets, the more questions he begins to ask you: “What is this? Why is this? " Children are interested in everything and when it comes to something serious, parents think for a long time how to explain it to the child. One of these questions may be: "Mom, what is December?" How can you explain to a child what the month of the year is and teach that December is a winter month, and July is a hot summer?

How to teach a child the months of the year
How to teach a child the months of the year


Step 1

Teaching a child about the seasons and can begin from the age of 4. At this age, children have already consciously seen autumn, spring, winter, summer and know what cold and heat are. There are a few tricks you can use to help your child learn months. For example, create your own presentations about the seasons and every month. In them, include pictures that correspond to nature, how animals live during this period, how people dress. Also display in the presentations the features of each month, for example, in September the leaves are yellow and fall off, the children go to school. Showcase the holidays that are happening. For example, New Year's, when everyone receives gifts, decorates the Christmas tree - this is winter, December. Be sure to indicate the birthday of the baby himself - the child knows for sure this holiday. The presentation should be colorful and interesting so that the child is attracted by it.

Step 2

Purchase an educational tool for children, such as The Four Seasons, which introduces children to nature and the peculiarities of each month. It also comes with assignments at the end of each chapter, which contributes to the consolidation of knowledge.

Step 3

Play costume scenes for the child, in which the child can also take part or just be a spectator. Make riddles to the child on this topic. Make cards on which in the picture draw children in certain clothes, and the child must guess when they are wearing them. Draw pictures with your child that correspond to the seasons and months of the year.

Step 4

Learn poems about the seasons and months with your child. Get the necessary literature, which contains not only rhymes, but also stories, fairy tales on this topic. There is a wonderful book, 365 Bedtime Stories. It is illustrated by the seasons. Each page corresponds to a day on the calendar. It contains poems and fairy tales related to this interesting topic, and you can also teach a child about months on it. There is also an encyclopedia "The Seasons" or "Exploring the Calendar", where you can also get answers to many questions on this topic.

Step 5

Buy educational games for children on this topic. One of these games is “Winter, Spring, Summer, Autumn”. It is specially designed to help children learn the seasons, months and shows the relationship with wildlife, as well as for expressive reading and easy memorization of poems.

Step 6

Children very quickly memorize any information, especially if it is presented to them in an interesting way. Children are little why they are happy to learn about the world and want to learn more and more. Remember, a child is the best conversation partner and listener. He will be with great pleasure to study the months and seasons with you, because this is not only informative, but also an interesting topic for conversation.

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