Where To Go With Your Child On Vacation In St. Petersburg

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Where To Go With Your Child On Vacation In St. Petersburg
Where To Go With Your Child On Vacation In St. Petersburg
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Guests of St. Petersburg, who first come to the city, usually have their eyes wide open. In the northern capital, anyone, regardless of age and interests, can find something interesting for themselves. Parents with children in this sense are no exception. Vacation is the best time to get on an excursion, master class, science show or an amusement park, where it will be interesting for both young and old.

You can go to the Youth Theater on vacation
You can go to the Youth Theater on vacation

It is necessary

  • - theatrical poster of St. Petersburg;
  • - computer with Internet access;
  • - map of St. Petersburg;
  • - St. Petersburg metro map.


Step 1

Arriving in the northern capital for the winter holidays, do not forget to see what performances are going on in St. Petersburg theaters. Almost everyone on New Year's and Christmas days can be visited during the day, so the choice depends mainly on the age of the child and his interests. The most popular among St. Petersburg schoolchildren are the Theater for the Young Spectator, the Mariinsky Theater, the Opera Studio of the Conservatory, and the Zazerkalye Children's Musical Theater. Please note that each performance is designed for children no younger than the age indicated in the playbill.

Step 2

In winter, spring and autumn, you can visit one of the museums. Children usually like the State Museum of Puppets on Vasilievsky Island, the State Museum of Artillery and Missile Forces, and the Central Naval Museum. Parents of today's little Petersburgers also visited these museums, but the Cat Museum in Vsevolozhsk opened not so long ago. The exposition itself and the events that take place there are also interesting. Among the speakers - not only cats, the audience even saw rat agility.

Step 3

You will probably want to spend a few winter days walking in the parks, of which there are many in the city and in the magnificent suburbs. Visitors to St. Petersburg usually want to see Peterhof as well, since it will not take long to go there. You can take a train ride in Alexandria, and the nearby village of Sashino regularly hosts Christmas festivities in winter, where a horse show is a must. It is better to order tickets in advance through the VKontakte group. If you don't want to go anywhere, you can go skiing in the Babushkin Park or go to one of the famous St. Petersburg skating rinks.

Step 4

During the holidays, free master classes are held in many children's art houses. This form of organizing leisure is now extremely popular; classes with children are conducted not only in institutions of additional education, but even in some St. Petersburg shops and cafes. They teach everything from carving snowflakes to making soap by hand. Master classes at Gostiny Dvor are very popular among St. Petersburgers and guests of the capital. They usually take place on Wednesdays and Fridays.

Step 5

Those who come to the northern capital for spring or autumn holidays usually have little time. In this case, the "action plan" might look like this; theater, museum, master class. If there is no suitable performance these days, check out the repertoire of one of the ice palaces. And you can always have an interesting time in the famous circus on the Fontanka. During spring break, be sure to visit the Central City Children's Library, which hosts a book festival every year at the end of March.

Step 6

During summer holidays, you can spend more time outdoors. Of course, it will be interesting to visit a theater or a museum. But in summer you can see, for example, the famous forts of Kronstadt, the parks of Pushkin and Pavlovsk, go to Shlisselburg or Vyborg.

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